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Research Notes:

Note: My given name is Baraboo. My ancestral French given name in North America is Barbeau. My ancestral French dit identifer in North America and in France was , "dit Boisdore."

Note: Barbeau Surname variants include: Barbeaux, Barbaud, Barbeau, Barbu, Barbot, Baribault , Barbault, Barbieux

Note: Barbaoo surname variants include: Baraboo, Barraboo, Barboo

Note: Ancestral French Dit identifiers from barbeau family lines include: Boisdore, Bois Dore, Bois Dor, La Forest, LaForet, Bruyere, LaFontaine, Burran, Poiteu, Poitevin. Bois-Barbeau, Bois-Barbot

Note: My Research has determined that the first ancestral generation that changed from Barbeau to Baraboo as a last name at birth was my great grandfather Theodore Baraboo and that his surname Baraboo was given by his father Levi Barbeau. (

Note: Onezime (Levi) Barbeau - Baraboo ( was the ancestral first generation to have changed his given name Barbeau to Baraboo. Baraboo-1 20:35, 22 July 2019 (UTC)

Genealogy Name

Stanley Gerald Baraboo de Barbeau de Barbeaux de Barbot de Barbaud de Barbu dit Boisdore dit Poitevin dit Bruyere dit Burran

North American Family Surnames: Barbeau, Menard, Rochon (French) , Kahl, (German) , McGrath (Irish), Dorrell (English / Irish) , Barbot (French)

Source a thon 2016

Source a Thon 2017 !

Holding place for research notes:

Note: Dit Boisdore is a French dit noun.(Names, persons, place, things) It identifies or distinguishes something about the person or family. Boisdore was also spelled Bois Dor, or Bois Dore. This dit was carried from France to Nouvelle France and French louisanne by the French Barbeau family. It refers to a master craftsman gold guilder or gold wood gilding. It remains a modern gold gilding definition. Dit Boisdore may have also referred to a French seigneury ( wood producing plantation) named Boisdore, Bois-Barbeau, Bois-Barbot in France. Eventually dit use were dropped as families became nationalized in North America and discontinued in France after the French Revolution.

Note: The attached family record image is a Tanguay transcribed record. It is an example of a catholic record of the period transcribed and translated years later from hand written church documents. The records became available to the public generations later. The documents are a treasure of information. However, it is well documented that there are thousands of errors and omissions. It is also known that many of the volunteer transcribers were not fluent in French. [1]

French women generally kept their given surname upon marriage during this period of time. Their children kept their father's surname. [2][3][4][5][6]Baraboo-1 14:20, 4 May 2018 (UTC)

The Quebec, Genealogical Dictionary of Canadian Families (Tanguay Collection), 1608-1890 Genealogical Dictionary of Canadian Families from the Foundation of the Colony to the Present Day, or the "Tanguay Collection", is the premier genealogical dictionary of French-Canadian families. This large, seven-volume collection was published by the French-Canadian priest and genealogist Father Cyprien Tanguay from 1871 to 1890. Although the dictionary does contain some errors and occasional speculations, it has proven to be a fundamental reference work and one of the most comprehensive resources for French-Canadian genealogy. " [7]

This collection is a treasure and a valuable resource. However, some transcribers who helped were not fluent in the French language of the period , relied on written manuscripts to transcribe and translated from copied previous work without sourcing. The records were written over a hundred years later and continue to be subject to confirmation and correction.

Occupation |image=Wikimedia_Commons_photos-3.jpg |text=engaged in dairy farming in Wisconsin.


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  • First-hand information. Entered by Jerry Baraboo at registration.

Note: Digital Afterlife Instructions : this is my permission that upon my demise, for my family to have first priority , then if they decline the responsibility, the Wikitree staff, to manage the profiles where I act as PM, in any way they see fit, as long as this is in line with the Honour Code and preserves the privacy of living people. Baraboo-1 14:47, 27 September 2016 (EDT)

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Jerrrrrry! Thank you for joining Team Roses for another thon. It's always a delight to work beside you and clean up and grow our Tree. Together we cleaned up 17,685 errors. You did some amazing work destroying those 1745 errors! <3
Hi there, Jerry!

Thanks so very much for your participation in the spring Clean-a-thon! Every suggestion you cleared (over 1700!) made our Tree that much better. The WikiTree community appreciates YOU!

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Well over 1000 now! Look at you soar :-)
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Hi Gerald

We are delighted that you wish to continue contributing to the France Project, and thank you for submitting your member interest form.

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Hi Gerald,

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What a small world. Bruce Maple is my brother, and you are 7th cousins with my husband, Michael Tremblay! Thanks for all your hard work.
posted by Julie (Maple) Tremblay
Hi Gerry, I want to call your attention to a merge with different surname spellings. Comparing Auguste-14 (L) and Chery-3 (R). A leader can lock the status of the correct surname. Let me know and I will do it. Thanks
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Bonjour Jerrrrrrrrry!

So glad you were able to join the Roses for this year's SAT. It was great fun as always. Thank you for your awesome contributions to the Tree.

Emma <3

fixed the 870 error on Charles Lemoyne, that profile needs clean-up still, too many bios.
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hi Gerry,

Got your message , that looks like a listing of entries in the Gazette of Québec, a newspaper that is, not the official government publication. What was this is relation to?

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Jerry, every contribution to WikiTree improves the quality of our Shared Tree. The Appreciation Team thanks you for all your efforts by making more than 1,000 contributions during the month of September.

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Gerry, thank you so much for the info on Aubois/Dubois. I added the Au Croix interpretation to her bio (agree it could be a C). We will keep the current birth location to indicate the area rather than identifying a certain place/tribe as we have no further info at this time. Appreciate your input.
posted by Cindy (Bourque) Cooper