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Linda L. Barnett
Born 1950s.
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Daughter of [private father (1930s - unknown)] and [private mother (1930s - unknown)]
Sister of [private brother (1950s - unknown)] and [private sister (1960s - unknown)]
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I am trying to get a lot more information on my Dad dad who is name is Roosevelt Jason Barnett and his dad name is Herbert and Herbert's dad name is Spencer Barnett. I do not have a lot of information this side of the family. I am also like information on the surnames I have on my site also. I also have some information on Herbert wife name Bessie Jane Honeycutt family. But I don't have a lot of information on my dad's mom's family her name is Hester Jones and her sister maiden name was Flora Jones also but was Flora Downs was her married name. There is story behind that my granddad wanted to marry Flora but she was married to a Downs man so he married her sister Hester. So when Flora husband died and then Hester died he married Flora. So that made her my aunt then my step grandmother too. I don't have much about them then just that. I was DNA tested for Prader Willi Syndrome which I was born with and it is a rare disease in 1988. Also I am trying to find a connection with my mother and David Stern Crockett and President Andrew Johnson. My mother and I was told by one of my mom's brother which she had 2 brothers and one of their wife that they lived in Oregon told us that my mom' mom told her that we were related some how to David Stern Crockett famous for the fight at The Alamo in Texas, and President Andrew Johnson and I done some research that connects us to President Andrew Johnson that one of his daughter married a Patterson that is linked to us in Washington County, Tennessee. My mother's mother and dad are first cousins with the same last surnames Leonard. My mother's mother came out the Romingers side. I am the daughter of Robert Barnett and Deanna Leonard. Her siblings are Roger Craig Barnett and Nancy Carol (Barnett) Kenner

Family Bible
Leonard Family Bible given to my grandmother Myra Belle Leonard by Summers Lyle Leonard, Sr. on their 10th anniversary in 1938 and they were married in 1928. This bible is 79 years old and by next year it will be 80 years old. My mother had the Bible rebinded because the pages and front and back was coming apart. Then her oldest sister took it and kept it and last year she had died when she turned 80 years old. So her husband thought that I would want the family bible so he gave it to me. So I have it when I am going to die I am going to ask my mom's youngest sister kid if she would want it so it can be kept in the family, she has kids who has kids now that would probably will want it. It has my mom's dad's immediate family birth, death and marriage. Then it has my mother's immediate family birth, death and marriages. Then the great grandkids birth, death and marriages in it. Please feel free, to visit my freespace page below and explore my heritage and meet some of my ancestors.

Team Tennessee Volunteers!!
Welcome to Team Tennessee!!
Team Tennessee!!
Descendant of PGM migrant John Knight.
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52 Ancestors - 2019

Top 10 Sourcerers of the Year (thru Feb 2018)

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  • 1 Hans Hofmann 2,527
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  • 8 Linda Barnett 263
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  • 10 Linda Green 176

Top 10 Sourcerers of the Year (thru Mar 2018)

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  • 1 Hans Hofmann 9,881
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  • 5 Beverly Ahrens 1,543
  • 6 Bobbie Bonner 1,339
  • 7 Karen Lorenz 880
  • 8 Linda Barnett 720
  • 9 Carolyn Martin 579
  • 10 Beulah Cramer 571

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  • 1 Barnett Linda 594 Jan/Feb, Feb/Mar 2018 Top Connector
  • 2 Smith Charlotte 259 December 2016 Top Connector
  • 3 Schlegel Nancy 242
  • 4 Redmond G.R. 226 September 2017, Oct/Nov 2017 Top Connector
  • 5 Slade Greg 207 September 2016, October 2016 Top Connector
  • 6 Estes|SP 197
  • 7 van Os de Man Heidi 185 Oct/Nov 2017 Top Connector
  • 8 Keeling Carol 168 May 2016, June 2016, November 2016 Top Connector
  • 9 Keniston Bob 160 February 2017, March 2017 T-June 2017 Top Connector
  • 10 Barber Janine 136


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Clan Forbes

52 Ancestors - 2018



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'Linda Answers the Burning Questions that Inquiring Minds Want To Know OR "Get To Know Me."'

Measurements: Imperial, please.

Weight: Over my dead body.

Turn-ons: A man doing my laundry or cooking a meal for me. Chocolate. Pad Thai. Banh mi.

Turn-offs: Laundry or dishes. Rude people. Beets. Liver. Oprah books.

Favorite activities: Crochet, knitting, genealogy, and listening to excellent tunes.

Favorite misheard song lyric AKA mondegreen: "There's a bathroom on the right." (Misheard version of "There's a bad moon on the rise,") Shaddup, I was 12.

Favorite song lyric: Well, I’ve been afraid of changing,‘Cause I’ve built my life around you.But time makes you bolder,Even children get older,And I’m getting older too. Guilty pleasures: I still sing along to the Osmonds, ok?

Ambitions: Sleeping in until 9 am.

Favorite concert: Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac, John Hiatt, Barenaked Ladies, Stevie Nicks, Neil Young, Wilco. Oh come on, I love music...THEY ALL ROCK. Why don't you just ask me who my favorite child is?

Favorite books: The Catcher in the Rye, Stranger in a Strange Land, The Princess Bride, Bill Bryson books.

Favorite movies: Clerks, Star Wars, The Sound of Music, The Princess Bride

Favorite TV show: Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Game of Thrones, Mr. Robot, MST3K.

Favorite SIrius XM Station: Underground Garage, Tom Petty Radio

Favorite relative: Whomever bakes cake.

Favorite job ever: Working at the service desk at Borders Books.

Worst job ever: Being assigned to shovel ash into burn bags to be burned again. (classified material had to be double-burned.)

Sports played: in the 70's I was a shot-putter. Now my sport is shopping.

Pets: Cool song, bro. Video

Foods I crave: Don't get me started.

People I admire: My mom.

Bucket list: I'll take the one that doesn't have a hole, preferably in red.

Favorite song to sing: You Don't Own Me.

In the morning: Make coffee. Drink coffee. Feed cat. Wikitree.

In the evening: Can we go to bed now?

Measurements: I work with pounds, ounces and grams

Weight: how spices must be sold in the US not by volume

Turn-ons: My granddaughters smiles, my husbands hugs and kisses, family get togethers

Turn-offs: pop culture stuff, politics

Favorite activities: playing board or card games, genealogy, reading, cooking, when it is warm enough being outside

Favorite misheard song lyric AKA mondegreen: I can't think of any...most lyrics I am hearing these days are children's songs...grandmother stuff

Favorite song lyric: People, people who need people are the luckiest people in the world ted with What the world needs now is Love sweet Love

Guilty pleasures: Dark Chocolate

Ambitions: Getting all of my gedcom folks into WikiTree... am doing them all manually... too many fixes I would need to make to mesh with WikiTree guidelines

Favorite concert: Actually I love Classical Guitar like Andre Segovia but he is dead now so I have to settle for recordings

Favorite books':Preston and Child Agent Pendergast Series and just about anything by Charles DeLint

Favorite movies: Walk Don't Run, Philadephia Story with Grant, Hepburn and Stewart, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings series and Harry Potter series.

Favorite TV show: NCIS the original

Favorite SIrius XM Station: I dumped that service. I listen to ipod in car.

Favorite relative: Jean Georges dit Chambre Walter who wrote a chronicle of our glass making family that went back to the 1500s. He wrote this in the 1700s.

Favorite job ever: Babysitting for my granddaughter... in a commercial world I loved being at Maritz for 22 years. And I love co-owning a spice company now.

Worst job ever: I never had a bad job. I only had one marginal boss and he did not last long.

Sports played: Fast pitch softball, power volley ball, basketball, field hockey, archery, swimming

Pets: Alaskan Malamutes for over 20 years.

Foods I crave: Chocolate of course, but I had a great great grandfather who owned a candy factory so I can claim a genetic link

People I admire: My husband he is a self made man. Worked and put himself through college and a masters degree.

Bucket list: Visit all of the places my ancestors lived... which covers a lot of the world!

Favorite song to sing: Bingo and watch my granddaughters clap.

In the morning: Turn on the computer and get emails while drinking a combo of OJ and Cranberry Juice.

In the evening: Genealogy while watching TV and doing dishes / laundry etc. I live on about 4 hours sleep so I am up most nights to at least midnight if not 1 or 2 am.

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Linda is a Wiki Genealogy Volunteer following these tags:
To be able to blog about my ancestors. To have fun and met other fellow genealogists doing this. My site
Andes and Fines married each other that how they are related.
On my dad side is Barnetts and I can't get past is dad's dad find relatives.
There are Browns that married in Barnetts and there are some in Leonard and Fine families also.
Some of them are married to Romingers and should get alot of interesting facts and stories.
There has been alot FINE in Washington County, Jefferson County, and Rhea County that I have found that I am related to.
A lot of the Romingers came from Germany.
There is Hayes in the Leonards it starts with Catherine Hayes.
There are Honeycutts that married in the Barnett tree.
The Hueters are in the Romingers which the Romingers are in the Leonards.
The Hughes married into the Barnett surname.
There are Jones on the Leonard side. Plus there are Jones on the Barnett side to my grandmother on my dad's side Hester and my aunt and step grandmother Flora maiden names were Jones. I do not have alot of information either side Leonards or Barnett except what I put in my biography on my profile.
My sister married a Kenner I have a little information on her husband's immediate family and that all.
Andrew Johnson Leonard married Amanda Fine. The main surname is Leonard and seconardy is Barnett.
Some of Romingers such as Adam Spach who lived in Bethlehem, PA where the Moravian college is that I have seen in 2002 when my parents and I went up to New England area during the fall of 2002.

The Moravians went to Winston Salem, N.C. and started that town Adam Spach that in the Romingers started the first Moravian Church in Winston Salem, N.C.

My brother married a Porier I have a little information on her immediate family and that is all.
Romingers came from Germany. And there is alot of interesting stories about them.
I have a pretty good information on this family which my mother sister who turned 80 last year and died married a Sapp.
Adam SPACH came from Broad Bay, Maine to Bethlehem, Pa. He was a Moravian and I have been to Bethlehem, Pa. to the Moravian College where he came from. He was founder of the Moravian church in Winston-Salem, N.C.
He was my great grandmother father and my great great grandmother wasn't married to him when she had her because he was already married at that time.

DNA Connections
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On 14 Jan 2019 at 19:24 GMT Martha Garrett wrote:

YES! Our Team did it!!!

On 11 Jan 2019 at 17:53 GMT Cara (Duley) Shelton wrote:

Hi Linda - no idea how to private message you! My email is, though, and I am happy to join the T.Team! :D

On 7 Jan 2019 at 22:34 GMT Beverly (Davis) Ahrens wrote:

My email is, and I would like to join your team for the scan a thon. I have already posted many pictures, but I'll try to find more.

On 7 Jan 2019 at 22:03 GMT Taylor (Fritz) Worthington-Gilchrist MSN wrote:

Linda, I signed up with your team for Jan 11 scan a thon ! Taylor

On 4 Jan 2019 at 01:21 GMT Natalie (Durbin) Trott wrote:

Please remove [Category:United States, Cemeteries] from your profile. This is a top level category which contains cemeteries only and is not for individual profiles. Also, the [Category:Tennnessee Cemeteries Project]] category will be deleted due to the change to a team format. Just letting you know.

Thanks, Natalie

On 3 Jan 2019 at 03:38 GMT Robynne (Thompson) Lozier wrote:

Hi Linda,

In answer to your question, i'm sorry but the answer is NO. I cannot backdate any responses for the 52 ancestors 2018 weekly challenge just because you had a rough year. You were not the only one who could not keep up. I certainly was not able to do so either. I'm sorry but the judges decision is final. I am still counting those who did complete the challenge. Badges will be awarded soon.

The good news is that there is a new 52 Ancestors for 2019 challenge, which Eowyn is managing, that you can join. She has also started up the 52 Photos challenge as well for 2019 which I have joined. I think photos will be easier to post than ancestors profiles. Besides I would not want to have to repeat my ancestors. That would be boring!! Good Luck.

Robynne Lozier

On 31 Dec 2018 at 23:26 GMT Susie MacLeod wrote:

Hi Linda,

We’ve made some exciting changes to the Global Cemeteries Project. The sub-projects have been merged into the Global Project to help with Leadership and to facilitate collaboration.

Some roles within the project have changed. From now on, there are Project Coordinators for each continent, and one for Welcome and Integration, plus Team Leaders for each individual Country etc.

Please let me know if you’d like to stay on in the new project, if you’d like to continue in an existing role, and which team(s) you’d like to be on. Please also give me your e-mail address so that I can get you added to the project’s Google Group.

Many thanks,


Leader, Global Cemeteries

On 30 Dec 2018 at 12:39 GMT Paula Vinson wrote:

Linda, I would love to be part of 'Team Tennessee'! Thank you for the invite.

On 22 Dec 2018 at 19:59 GMT Lisa (Phelps) Linn wrote:

Sorry Linda, I misunderstood what you meant by manager. I thought you meant manager of the Team!

On 22 Dec 2018 at 19:29 GMT Lisa (Phelps) Linn wrote:

Hi Linda, I'm not really comfortable being a manager yet -I haven't even had time to read the rules! What does a mgr. do? Everything is automatically tracked right? I just started my own free-space pg. to dump photos so they'd all be in one place where I could link them to profiles. From what I'm reading, that's not how this is going to work.

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