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Descendant of Rev. Thomas Kendall JP..
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About Me.

Early life
Birth of Campbell Braddock

Campbell Braddock was born at the turn of the twenty-first century at Whangārei Hospital in Whangārei, a small city in the region of Northland, New Zealand. His father age 43, a prosperous farmer, was described as "quiet and caring". and his mother age 23, was also a farmer who loved everything horses. Braddock was in an Abnormal Fetal Presentation and a C Section was required to prevent birth injuries. young Campbell was a small child; his father Ian said he looked like a "Bag of bones". Braddock was a fast learner, his first step was at 8 months, started riding a bike without training wheels at age two and first motorbike at age 4.

First Snow experience, Campbell and his sister
Braddock's father had an exciting new farming opportunity he couldn't denied in Ranfurly, Otago, the family relocated from subtropical Northland and ended up in Central Otago, after arriving, all their belongings were a week late. On 20th June, Ranfurly temperature plummeted to –12.5°C (9.5°F) and Braddock experenced his first snow fall on 26 August 2002[1], as pictured. His father's job turned out to good to be true and the family soon relocated to South Canterbury.
Diagram of Kidney with the stones

At age 7, Braddock was diagnosed with kidney stones after a stone was lodged at the end of his penis. while on the long trip to Oamaru hospital, Braddock asked to stop the car on the side of the country road, and pop! the stone disappeared in the grass. his parents asked him to find it to no avail. "it was unimaginable pain that a child, let alone an adult should never go through". During this time Braddock and his sister changed back to Glenavy School after a short time at Papakio School in Otago.

Glenavy School Newsletter, Team 4, week 8, 29.11.05
One of our students; Campbell Braddock, is currently in Christchurch Hospital having a kidney operation. Ms Gardner and the juniors have sent cards and faxes to Campbell to wish him all the best. Campbell is a gorgeous wee bloke and I am sure you will all spare a thought for him and his family over the next few days. _ Kerry Wilkin

On 29 November 2005, Braddock had his kidney operation. As he laid in bed moments before surgery, his mother was beside him, Braddocks' sister and dad were in another waiting room, his mother lefts the room moments before the nurses relocated him to the operating theatre, one of the doctors said stay strong and a doctor placed the Strawberry scented anaesthetic face mask over Braddocks face. What should have been a routine procedure had taken 5 failed attempts, later they decided that keyhole surgery in the back was useless and the surgeon opted to make a 16cm (6.3inch) incision on his front left abdomen, they removed all the 29 kidney stones and the kidney became the size of a grape. Laparoscopic nephrectomy was performed to remove the Kidney, 4 hours later Braddock woke up sleepily with no pain and all his family was around him. On Saturday 10th December 2005, the Coca-Cola Christmas was held in Hagley Park next to the Hospital, he had the chance to watch it from the top floor, live music played over the TV and fireworks exploding at eye level, "it was wonderful".

In May 2007, Braddock's mother left the family, he was washing his dirtbike by the garage, his mother jumped into the car, and Braddock asked "where you going, can I come?", she replied "No, I'm going Waimate shopping", unknown to him at the time, it would be the last time he would see his mother. Everyone didn't know her whereabouts, they soon found out that she had taken a large sum of money and married the employee who was a criminal, so he could take her surname and flee to Australia. oddly Braddock nor his sister missed her, probably because their mother was very abusive towards them, she used to kick, punch, and use a horsewhip against them both.

Campbell in Primary School

From age 5 to age 12, Braddock resided with his parents and older sister in South Canterbury. Braddock was educated at Glenavy School, a rural school with around 95 students and heavily influenced by the community church. He spent much of his time on independent pursuits, and did poorly in school, he struggled with reading and writing and was diagnosed with dyslexia at age 12. his father had a disagreement with the school headmaster about his education. in the first week of the new school year Braddock and his sister was removed from school, and by February, started Oamaru intermediate School, located in Oamaru. recommend by his father's employer. the family soon discovered that Braddock was two years behind in reading and comprehension. however, excelled in Science, technology, and the arts. near the end of intermediate, he had caught up to the level of his classmates plus more, he was top of the class for Art, Sewing, woodwork, and science, with the determination and dedication to be the best he also received two diligence awards. This he did at the age of thirteen, achieving an admirable final report.

Braddock studied at Waitaki Boys' High School, also located in Oamaru, at the time of his enrollment, this school had a reputation of bullying, drug use and poor management, it wasn't all bad, Braddock enjoyed this school and was an A++ student, who liked many subjects. he won the top of junior science, top in Art and Technology. other students thought he was a suck-up to the teachers. he began to struggle in English class when the topics began to get more advanced. he wasn't that social and couldn't keep his mates as he felt they were quite rude to him. At age 15, he was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome, he didn't accept it until years later, but things began to make sense for him. Braddock graduated secondary school with NCEA Level 3 with University Entrance.

Working life

During primary and intermediate school, Braddock didn't want to work for someone delivering papers, so he created multiple companies, one of them being Seezs Seeds, he grew sunflowers and packed 20 seeds for $2, he then knock on every door in the neighbourhood, It was so successful the first year, Braddock reinvested the profits to make the packaging with colour card and printing. this small side hustle lasted three years

Braddocks' official first afterschool job was as a Cinema Assistant. his sister worked there as well, Braddock loved that job, learnt so much, free movies and then he received a redundancy letter, the owner couldn't afford to keep him on. a year later the Cinema went bankrupt and the small town lost their movie theatre for two years.

After graduation, Braddock looked high and low for a job with nothing suitable. Factory work was out of the question and farming wasn't the best choice there. a stroke of luck Braddocks old teacher from intermediate had become a recruiting person for a local supermarket, He always wanted to run his own fruit shop and this would have been a great stepping stone to get there. Braddock did terribly at the interview and started work the next day. Still loving work five years on.


  1. Niwa: Weather in New Zealand 2002 ( : accessed on 14 Dec 2021) Text: 26 August, Snowfall also occurred in Queenstown-Southern Lakes district, Central Otago, parts of Southland, the hill country around Dunedin, and to low levels on the Port Hills in Canterbury. and Location: Ranfurly –12.5 Date: June 20 Records began: 1975 Comment: Lowest temperature


History remembers only the celebrated, genealogy remembers them all. - Lawrence Overmire

I never liked history at school, probably because we had to learn about the world wars most of the time, however, Genealogy is the best history anyone could learn, expressly if it's your own ancestors. you can uncover so many stories about normal people throughout the centuries, there are many stories about my ancestors that suffered, achieved and had a passion for what they did, which inspires me every day.

Migration to New Zealand Timeline

Migration path from England to New Zealand via the clippers route

For over 150 years, most ancestors who migrated to New Zealand were from Britain (England, Scotland, Wales) and Ireland. Yet for them, New Zealand was the most distant place on earth. The journey by sea took 100 days, and voyagers endured rough seas, cramped conditions and illness. Unless they were offered free travel or other rewards, many people were reluctant to emigrate except my brave ancestors.

Fun Campbell Fact! - There are 116 years between the Kendall family (1814) and the Braddock family (1930) to arrive in New Zealand.


Convict Ship Earl Spencer
Free Settlers
Departed from Portsmouth, England in 2nd June 1813
Arrived in Port Jackson, Sydney, Australia on 9th October 1813
Name Age Relation Nationality
Rev. Thomas W Kendall355x Great Grandfather
Jane Kendall315x Great Grandmother
Susannah Kendall44x Great Grand Aunt
Elizabeth J Florence84x Great Grandmother
Thomas S Kendall64x Great Grand Uncle
Basil O Kendall44x Great Grand Uncle
Joseph Kendall24x Great Grand Uncle

Departed from Sydney, Australia 1814
Arrived in Bay of Islands, New Zealand in December 1814
Name Age Relation Nationality
Rev. Thomas W Kendall365x Great Grandfather
Jane Kendall315x Great Grandmother
Susannah Kendall44x Great Grand Aunt
Thomas S Kendall64x Great Grand Uncle
Basil O Kendall44x Great Grand Uncle
Joseph Kendall24x Great Grand Uncle

Duke of Wellington, HMS
Departed from England in 1817
Arrived in Sydney, Australia in November 1817
Name Age Relation Nationality
Thomas Florence514x Great Grandfather

Fame (1812 ship)
Departed from Portsmouth, England on 9th October 1816
Arrived in Port Jackson, Sydney, Australia on 8th March 1817
Convict, aka 'Australian Royalty'!
William Galliott was sentenced for uttering a forged note and was sentenced to fourteen years' transportation.
Name Age Relation Nationality
William Daniel Galliott (1786-1862)315x Great Grandfather

Friendship (1793 ship)
Departed from England on 3 July 1817
Arrived in Port Jackson, Sydney, Australia on 14 January 1818

Free Settlers (Family of Convict William Daniel Galliott (1786-1862))
Name Age Relation Nationality
Sarah Galliott305x Great Grandmother
Thomas Galliott84th great-granduncle
Elizabeth Galliott64th Great Grandmother
Mary Ann Galliott44th great-grandaunt
Jane Galliott14th great-grandaunt

Minerva (1805 ship)
Departed from Glasgow, Scotland on 8th July 1824
Arrived in Sydney Cove, Australia on 19th November 1824
Convict, aka 'Australian Royalty'!
William Walker was sentenced for Assembly and beating, bruising and knocking down William Kyle, a tenter employed by Charles Todd, a power loom manufacturer, and pouring oil of vitriol (sulfuric acid) on Willliam Kyle with intent to control him in his choice of employer. and was sentenced to fourteen years transportation.
Name Age Relation Nationality
William Walker II (1799-1871)254x Great Grandfather

Red Rover (clipper)
Departed from Cork, Ireland on 10 April 1832
Arrived in Port Jackson, Sydney, Australia on 10 Aug 1832

Bounty immigrant In 1832, the British government sent 400 young single women aged between 16 and 24 to Sydney and Hobart on two ships–the Red Rover from Cork and Princess Royal from London – to balance the male-dominated societies. Viewed as colourful butterflies alighting on the antipodean shores, the women were ‘fair game’ for employers and potential husbands.
Name Age Relation Nationality
Catherine Sullivan174x Great Grandmother

Departed from Sydney, Australia in May 1834
Arrived in Whakapu, Bay of Islands, New Zealand in May 1834
Name Age Relation Nationality
Thomas Florence514x Great Grandfather
Elizabeth J Florence294x Great Grandmother
Mary J Florence43x Great Aunt
Frederick D Florence33x Great Uncle
Eleonara Florence13x Great Aunt

Unknown Travel
Departed from England
Arrived in Australia

New Zealander
Departed from Sydney, Australia in 1835
Arrived in Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand in 1835
Name Age Relation Nationality
Capt. James P Williams273x Great Grandfather

George Fyfe
Departed from Port Gravesend, Kent, England on 16th June 1842
Arrived in Wellington, New Zealand on 7th November 1842
Name Age Relation Nationality
Charles Lewer214x Great Grandfather
Emma Lewer174x Great Grandmother
David Harris274x Great Uncle
Caroline Harris19Wife of 4x Great Uncle
William Harris31st Cousin, 5 x Removed
New Zealand Wars
The New Zealand Wars took place from 1845 to 1872 between the New Zealand Colonial government and allied Māori on one side and Māori and Māori-allied settlers on the other.

Departed from Port Gravesend, Kent, England on 6th December 1850
Arrived in Port Cooper, Lyttelton, New Zealand on 31st March 1851
Name Age Relation Nationality
George Cooper374x Great Grandfather
Mary Cooper324x Great Grandmother
Mary Cooper125x Great Aunt
Sarah Cooper105x Great Aunt
Robert Cooper45x Great Uncle
Fanny Cooper35x Great Aunt
William Cooper25x Great Uncle
George Cooper15x Great Uncle

Departed London, England on 9th January 1855
Arrived in Lyttelton, New Zealand on 4th May 1855
Name Age Relation Nationality
Elizabeth Mealing164x Great Grandmother

Departed from London, England on 29th October 1864
Arrived in Lyttelton, Canterbury, New Zealand on 21st January 1865
Name Age Relation Nationality
John Hayes Harvey223rd great-granduncle
William Harvey203rd Great Grandfather
Charles Harvey223rd great-granduncle

La Hogue
Departed from Gravesend, London, England in 20 Feburary 1874
Arrived in Wellington, New Zealand in 26 May 1874
Name Age Relation Nationality
Thomas Davies183x Great Grandfather

Queen of Nations
Departed from Belfast, Ireland on 22nd March 1874
Arrived in Auckland, New Zealand on 5th July 1874
Name Age Relation Nationality
Jane Holywood42 3x Great Grandmother
William A Scott213x Great Uncle
John Scott143x Great Uncle
Anna M Scott15 2x Great Grandmother

HMS Conflict (1873)
Departed from Gravesend, Kent, England on 9th May 1874
Arrived in Wellington, New Zealand on 3rd August 1874
Name Age Relation Nationality
Henry W Bovis534x Great Grandfather
Elizabeth Bovis45Step 4x Great Grandmother
Susannah E Bovis253x Great Grandmother
Mary A Gray23Daugther of Elizabeth (1st Marriage)
Rosetta Gray19Daugther of Elizabeth (1st Marriage)
Sarah A Gray17Daugther of Elizabeth (1st Marriage)
Alice Bovis93rd Great Grand aunt
John T Bovis223rd Great Grand Uncle
Maria Bovis23Wife of John
Maria Bovis0Child of John and Maria

Unknown Travel
Departed from Greenock, Scotland
Arrived in London, England

Departed from London, England on 1st June 1874
Arrived in Wellington, New Zealand on 31st August 1874
Name Age Relation Nationality
Angus G Clark313x Great Grandfather
Agnes Clark273x Great Grandmother
Christina Clark84x Great Aunt
Janet M Clark54x Great Aunt
Donald Clark34x Great Uncle
Agnes Clark<14x Great Aunt

Departed from London, England on 22nd October 1874
Arrived in Wellington, New Zealand on 25th January 1875
Name Age Relation Nationality
Thomas Newland213x Great Grandfather

Departed from London, England on 12th November 1874
Arrived in Canterbury, New Zealand on 7th Febuary 1875
Name Age Relation Nationality
Charles Brader Sr.243x Great Grandfather
Mary A Brader213x Great Grandfather
Charles Brader Jr.14x Great Uncle

Unknown Ship
Departed from Oslo, Norway in abt.1876
Arrived in Hamburg, Germany, in abt.1876

Fritz Reuter
Departed from Hamburg, Germany on 12th April 1876
Arrived in Wellington, New Zealand on 4th August 1876
Name Age Relation Nationality
Neils Gunderson42 Adopted father of Otto
Ragenhold Gundersen44 Adopted mother of Otto
Otto Smith
aka, Otto Gundersen
4 2x Great Grandfather
Ellen B Larsen29 Birth Mother of Otto,
3x Great-grandmother

Departed from Plymouth, England, in 1882
Arrived in Cooktown, Queensland, Australia on 15th March 1882

SS Westmeath
Departed from Queensland, Australia in 1883
Arrived in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand on 16th May 1883
Name Age Relation Nationality
Abraham A Leman28 2x Great Grandfather
Susannah E Service28 2x Great Grandmother
Richard Leman9 Unknown Relation
Emma Leman8 Unknown Relation
Ada S Leman3 2x Great Auntie
Archibald Leman1 2x Great Uncle

Departed from Sydney, Australia in 1892
Arrived in Wellington, New Zealand on 3rd May 1892
Name Age Relation Nationality
James W P Christison202x Great Grandfather

Unknown Ship
Departed from England in abt.1927
Arrived in Sydney, Australia in abt.1927

TSS Maunganui
Departed from Sydney, Australia in 1927
Arrived in Auckland, New Zealand on 18th July 1927
Name Age Relation Nationality
Jonas A Braddock Jr.22 Great Uncle

SS Orford
Departed from London, England on 2nd February 1929
Arrived in Sydney, Australia in 1929

RMS Niagara
Departed from Sydney, Australia in 1929
Arrived in Auckland, New Zealand on 8th April 1929
Name Age Relation Nationality
Edwin G Braddock22 Great Uncle

RMS Ormonde
Departed from Liverpool, England on 15th March 1930
Arrived in Sydney, Australia on 15th April 1930

RMS Aorangi
Departed from Sydney, Australia on 1st May 1930
Arrived in Auckland, New Zealand on 5th May 1930
Name Age Relation Nationality
Jonas A Braddock Sr.62 Great Grandfather
Gladys J Hand39 Great Grandmother
Maurice O Braddock17 Great Uncle
Graham Braddock11 Great Uncle
Billy Braddock2 Grandfather

Research needed:

  1. How and when did James Christison (abt.1803-1882) arrive in Australia

Ancestor Occupations

Ever wondered what your ancestors did as a job? I did, so I created this to present all known occupations, most have become obsolete due to advances in technology and/or social conditions.

Grocer Assistant Genealogist

Farmer, Tractor Driver Farmer, Equestrianism

Farmer Forklift Driver, Factory Hand, Labourer Housewife Telecommunication Technician ???

Railway Labourer, Confectioner, Farmer, grocer Servant Carpenter /builder Clockmaker inventor Housewife Farmer, solider Housewife solider, Gas Station owner ???

Silk man, Gas & Rates Collector Housewife Coach Body Maker Housewife Grocer Assistant, farmer, carpenter Housewife Polish Manufacturer Shirt Maker Farmer Housewife Well-Sinker/borer, farmer House Wife driver, solider HousewifeSlaughterman, Labourer, Gardner Fur Factory, gardner, flower grower

Hat Maker and Dealer Housewife Farming Bailiff ??? Grocer, cheese factor, Tea Dealer Tea Dealer Wife Cotton Weaver, Commercial Traveler Housewife Carpenter, Whalers Home Duties Ship Builder/Carpenter ??? Commercial Traveler Traveler's Wife Journeyman Draper, Fancy Boxmaker ??? Ship's Captain ??? Seaman, farmer Housewife Well Sinker Labourer Housewife Labourer Domestic Duties ??? ??? Oyster Opener Housewife Carpenter Cabinet Maker, Manager of the Washdyke Saleyards ??? Glue and Oil Manufacture Housewife

Convict Ancestors

The convicts were transported as punishment for crimes committed in Britain and Ireland. In Australia, their lives were hard as they helped build the young colony. When they had served their sentences, most stayed on and some became successful settlers, between 1788 and 1868, about 162,000 convicts were transported from Britain and Ireland to various penal colonies in Australia. I have found that two direct ancestors were convicts, both served 14 years with totally different crimes, their families also moved to Australia as free settlers years later.

Fame (1812 ship)
Departed from Portsmouth, England on 9th October 1816
Arrived in Port Jackson, Sydney, Australia on 8th March 1817
Convict, aka 'Australian Royalty'!
William Galliott was sentenced for uttering a forged note and was sentenced to fourteen years' transportation.
Name Age Relation Nationality
William Daniel Galliott (1786-1862)315x Great Grandfather

Minerva (1805 ship)
Departed from Glasgow, Scotland on 8th July 1824
Arrived in Sydney Cove, Australia on 19th November 1824
Convict, aka 'Australian Royalty'!
William Walker was sentenced for Assembly and beating, bruising and knocking down William Kyle, a tenter employed by Charles Todd, a power loom manufacturer, and pouring oil of vitriol (sulfuric acid) on Willliam Kyle with intent to control him in his choice of employer. and was sentenced to fourteen years transportation.
Name Age Relation Nationality
William Walker II (1799-1871)254x Great Grandfather

War Veterans

The table below represents the family members who became soldiers and fought in the wars. As most soldiers had gone to fight in the war, women had to replace men in the workforce. This put a lot of pressure upon the older children in the family as they had to take care of the household duties and any younger children. Many of the men who came back from the War were suffering from serious injuries, the effects of Mustard Gas and or shell shock. They were too tormented to talk about their experiences and often it would take them a long time to recover from the trauma of the War. This meant that some women had become responsible for supporting the entire family. The children were scared about their Dads’ going to war because they might not see them again. However, some children became were confused when their fathers did return because they did not understand the effects of trauma on their fathers and didn’t know how to communicate with them.

Photo Name Relation to Campbell Regiment/Service Information
War of 1812
Thomas Florence 4x Great Grandfather British Royal Engineer Ill health caused him to return to England.
American Civil War
Moses Henry Leman 1st Cousins, 4x removed Grand Army of the Republic 1st Commander, 71st Reg. NYSM 1860-1865-civil
World War I
James Walker Pattison Christison 2x Great GrandfatherNew Zealand Army Surived the War. 2nd Division
Harold Clarke MacDonald 2x Great-Uncle (non-blood Relative) British Armed Forces He fought in France during WW1 in the Sommer and was involved with railways transporting troops and ammunition to and from the trenches.
Dr Charles Wellington Craik 1st Cousins, 3x removedUnited States Army- CaptianKilled in action, S SN TN 8th Infantry Division
James William Spraggs 1st Cousins, 3x removedNew Zealand ArmySurived the War
Alfred George Spraggs 1st Cousins, 3x removedNew Zealand ArmyKill in Action,
Ernest Oliver Spraggs 1st Cousins, 3x removedNew Zealand ArmySurived the War, Auckland Mounted Rifles, 3rd Reinforcements
Herbert James Dauncy Poulton 1st Cousins, 3x removedRoyal New Zealand Air Force - CorporalKilled in action.
George Edwin Hankey First Cousins, 2x removed (non-blood Relative) British Army Information
World War II
Graham Braddock Great-Uncle Royal New Zealand Air Force - Flight Sergeant Killed in action, Flight Sergeant with the No.14 Advanced Flying Unit, Scotland
Charles Christison Great-Grandfather New Zealand Army Surived the War
Archibald Robert Smith 2x Great-Grandfather New Zealand Army Surived the War
Thomas Henry Christison 2x Great-Uncle New Zealand Army Killed in Actionon 24 APR 1943 in Sfax, Tunisia, he was listed as Driver
Alexander James Walker 2nd Cousins, 3x removed Australian Army Japan Prisoner of War, board the "Montevideo Maru" when it was torpedoed and sunk off the coast of the Philippines

Notable Family

Thomas Kendall JP with Waikato (left) and Hongi Hika in London in 1820.
Fifth Great-Grandfather Thomas Kendall JP, was one of New Zealand’s first Christian missionaries and was based at the Church Missionary Society station in the Bay of Islands from 1814 until 1821. He pioneered the transcription of the Māori language, and also investigated how Māori understood the universe. In doing so, however, he attracted hostility from others in the Australasian mission world.

A Field Officer of Royal Engineers and a Private Sapper, 1812.
Fourth Great-Grandfather Thomas Florance was a surveyor and British Royal Engineer in the War of 1812, Ill health caused him to return to England. In 1817 he arrived in Sydney, Australia and then surveyed the west coast of Van Diemen's Land, in 1825 Florance moved to Sydney, named the Chichester River, NSW, and then surveyed the coast near Cape Jervis. In 1834 he settled at Whakapu in the Bay of Islands, NZ and was New Zealand's first Surveyor.

1973 line-up with Christine McVie, Mick Fleetwood, Bob Weston, John McVie, and Bob Welch.
Fifth cousin Bob Welch (August 31, 1945 – June 7, 2012) was an American musician who was a member of Fleetwood Mac from 1971 to 1974. He had a successful solo career in the late 1970s. His singles included "Hot Love, Cold World", "Ebony Eyes", "Precious Love", "Hypnotized", and his signature song, "Sentimental Lady"

Graham Braddock, Artist
First Cousin, Once Removed Graham Braddock, is an award winning New Zealand christian Artist and school art teacher, his paintings are executed in oils, often over the top of other media. Many include visual stories that contain partially hidden words or imagery.

Sir Thomas Button.
11th Great-Grandfather Sir Thomas Button, was a Welsh officer of the Royal Navy, notable as an explorer who in 1612–1613 commanded an expedition that unsuccessfully attempted to locate explorer Henry Hudson III and to navigate the Northwest Passage.
Sir Edmund Anderson
12th Great-Grandfather Sir Edmund Anderson, was Chief Justice of the Common Pleas under Elizabeth I, sat as judge at the trial of Mary, Queen of Scots and was the 5th Baronet of Eyeworth. Anderson wrote two books, and was a witchcraft accuser in witch trials

Benedict Cumberbatch
7th cousins, 3x removed Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch CBE , is an English actor. Known for his roles on the stage and screen, he has received various accolades throughout his career, including a Primetime Emmy Award, a British Academy Television Award, and a Laurence Olivier Award. Wikipedia

Bonneville, 26 August 1967

Burt Munro is 6 Degrees from Campbell Herbert James "Burt" Munro was a New Zealand motorcycle racer, famous for setting an under-1,000 cc world record, at Bonneville, 26 August 1967. This record still stands; Munro was 68 and was riding a 47-year-old machine when he set his last record

Magna Carta Family

Artist rendering of King John reluctantly signing Magna Carta,
overseen by barons and abbots.
Magna Carta (Great Charter) was an agreement on 15 June 1215 between John, King of England, and twenty-five rebellious barons, establishing certain limits on the authority of the king. For centuries thereafter, it was considered a foundation of English law. WikiTree has an excellent Magna Carta Project to make sure the information is as accurate as it can be.

25 Barons and a King who signed the Magna Carta

Magna Carta Project logo
Descendant of several Magna Carta Surety Barons.
24th Great Grandfathers
1. Robert de Vere (aft.1164-bef.1221)
2. Hugh (Bigod) le Bigod (abt.1185-1225)
3. Gilbert (Clare) de Clare (abt.1180-1230)
4. John (Lacy) de Lacy (abt.1192-1240)
5. Saher (Quincy) de Quincy (abt.1165-1219)
6. William (Mowbray) de Mowbray (abt.1173-bef.1224)
25th Great Grandfathers
7. Roger Bigod (abt.1144-bef.1221)
8. Henry (Bohun) de Bohun (abt.1175-1220)
9. Richard (Clare) de Clare (abt.1153-bef.1217)
10. Robert (Ros) de Ros (abt.1170-abt.1227)
11. John (Clavering) FitzRobert (bef.1191-bef.1241)
24th & 25th Great Granduncles
12. Geoffrey (Mandeville) de Mandeville (abt.1186-1216) 24th great grand nephew
13. William Marshal (abt.1190-1231) 24th great grand nephew
14. Roger (Montbegon) de Montbegon (abt.1165-bef.1226) 25th great grand nephew
15. Richard (Percy) de Percy (bef.1181-1244) 25th great grand nephew
Distant Relation
16. William (Albini) d'Aubigny (abt.1151-1236) first cousins 26 times removed
17. Robert FitzWalter (abt.1180-1235) first cousins 26 times removed
18. William (Huntingfield) de Huntingfield (abt.1160-bef.1221) first cousins 26 times removed
19. William (Forz) de Forz (abt.1192-1241) second cousins 27 times removed
20. William (Lanvallei) de Lanvallay (aft.1190-bef.1217) first cousins 26 times removed
21. William Malet (bef.1174-bef.1216) first cousins 26 times removed
22. Richard (Montfichet) de Montfichet (abt.1193-1267) second cousins 25 times removed
23. Geoffrey (Say) de Say (abt.1180-1230) first cousins 28 times removed
24. Eustace (Vesci) de Vescy (1169-1216) first cousins 26 times removed
No Found Connection
25. William (Hardell) de Hardell (abt.1175-aft.1215) no Relation

My Ancestors Research Statistics

My direct ancestor brick walls are located in this Campbell Braddock, Brickwalls category, you are most welcome to research, add notes, etc.

Out of 2046 possible ancestors in 10 generations, 443 (21.65%) have WikiTree profiles. 8/443 (1.81%) are duplicates due to pedigree collapse. 214 ancestors are missing at least one parent (as of 21 April 2022)

My Ancestors Research Statistics
Generation Number Direct Relation to Campbell Total # of Possible Ancestors Total # of Identified Ancestors Total % of Identified Ancestors
4Great Grandparents88100%
52nd Great Grandparents1616100%
63rd Great Grandparents3232100%
74th Great Grandparents645992.2%
85th Great Grandparents1288264.1%
96th Great Grandparents2569838.3%
107th Great Grandparents5129117.8%

Chart created using the following WikiTree tools; Ancestor Statistics and Find Brick Wall Ancestors App, both created by the wonderful Jamie Nelson.

Ancestor Surnames

Paternal vs Maternal ancestors

Braddock Smith
Braddock Williams Smith Christison
Braddock HandWilliams Leman Smith Tucker Christison Brader
Braddock Craik Hand Leigh Williams Scott Leman Service Smith Clark Tucker Harvey Christison Davies Brader Newland
Braddock Goodier Craik Piggott Hand Trueman Leigh Downing Williams Florence Scott Holywood Leman Parker Service Fitt Smith Larson Clark Galbraith Tucker Chapman Harvey Cooper Christison Walker Davies Bovis Brader Nettleton Newland Lewer
Braddock Owen Goodier Pearson Craik Campbell Piggott Partridge Hand Lawton Trueman Nield Leigh Wagstaff Downing Mansell Williams ?? Florence Kendall Scott Morrow Holywood [?] Leman Van Goch Parker Pond Service [?] Fitt Bayliss Smith [?] Harsen Olsdatter Clark Galbraith Galbraith MacNiven Tucker Fussell Chapman Mealing Harvey Mayes Cooper Reeve Christison Galliott Walker Sullivan Davies Gray Bovis Cheesman Brader Cox Nettleton Hacche Newland Cartwright Lewer Harris


As soon as I turned 18, I ordered a DNA test from AncestryDNA, I received the test within a week, produced saliva in a tube and sent it off to Ireland. One and a half weeks later my results were in, nothing was a surprise and I started connecting with other family members and proving all family lines.

Ethnicity Estimate and Information

England & Northwestern Europe. 50%
The history of Britain, the heart of our England & Northwestern Europe region, is often presented as one group of invaders after another displacing the native population. The Romans, Anglo-Saxons, Vikings, and Normans all left their mark on Britain both politically and culturally. However, the story of Britain is far more complex. In fact, modern studies suggest the earliest populations weren’t wiped out, but adapted and absorbed the new arrivals.
Scotland. 26%
With its center in the northern third of the island of Great Britain but stretching down to Brittany in France, our Scotland ethnicity region is known for its geographical beauty, medieval architecture, and folklore. Gaelic and Scots have influenced regional English dialects and are both still spoken in some areas. National symbols, including the Lion Rampant, clan tartans, and bagpipes, are often recognized internationally alongside symbols of traditional cuisine, like whisky and haggis.
Norway. 15%
The earliest inhabitants of our Norway region were strong, seafaring peoples. For centuries, hunter-gatherers slowly pushed north across the Baltic Sea, probing coastal fjords and inland stretches for arable land as ice melted off the untamed region. While Norwegians, Swedes, and Danes all share a common Norse heritage, over time, Norway’s resilient coastal communities evolved into a nation known for its seamanship, technology, artistry, and mythology.
European Jewish. 5%
The historic dispersal of the Jewish population from its origin in the Levant on the east coast of the Mediterranean resulted in insular communities scattered throughout Europe, North Africa, Central Asia, and the Middle East. Although some Jewish communities enjoyed positions of relative peace and prosperity, many more were segregated from mainstream society by law, custom, and prejudice, experiencing sustained persecution and discrimination. Jewish populations from northern and eastern Europe are often known as “Ashkenazi.” “Sephardic” refers to Jews who were expelled from Spain during the Inquisition and mostly settled in North Africa and southeastern Europe.
Wales. 4%
The rolling hills and steep cliffs bounded by England to the east and 870 miles of coastline on the north, west, and south make up our Wales population region—or Cymru in Welsh, which is still spoken there. First settled by Celtic tribes, the country’s ancient and medieval history has been preserved and woven into a modern sense of Welsh identity and pride, which is still visible in the country’s 600 castles, its Welsh-language media, and its Eistedfoddau, festivals that celebrate Wales’s long tradition of literature, poetry, and music.
Sweden & Denmark. 2%
Our Sweden & Denmark region emerged from glacial ice as lands of lakes and islands, mountains and plains. Though the countries were often at war, the people share a common Norse heritage that includes elements of language, religion, and art, though they eventually developed cultures of their own. Situated along the western boundary of the Baltic Sea, relative geographic isolation did not stop the Swedes and the Danes from influencing culture, trade, and politics in Europe and around the globe.
  • Paternal relationship is confirmed by an AncestryDNA test match between Campbell Braddock and his 1st cousin 1x removed. Their most recent common ancestors are their great grandparents, Herbert Williams and Ruby (Leman) Williams. Predicted relationship from AncestryDNA: 1st–2nd Cousin, based on sharing 624 cM across 34 segments; Confidence: Extremely High.
  • Maternal relationship is confirmed by an AncestryDNA test match between Campbell Braddock and his 1st cousin 2x removed. Their most recent common ancestors, James Christison and Mary (Davies) Christison. Predicted relationship from AncestryDNA: 2nd–3rd Cousin, based on sharing 210 cM across 14 segments; Confidence: High.
  • Maternal relationship is confirmed by an AncestryDNA test match between Campbell Braddock and his 2nd cousin 1x removed Toni Howland. Their most-recent common ancestors are their great grandparents, Henry Tucker and Ethel (Harvey) Tucker. Predicted relationship from AncestryDNA: 3rd–4th Cousin, based on sharing 100 cM across 8 segments; Confidence: Extremely High.
  • Maternal relationship is confirmed by a 163.2 cM match between Campbell Braddock GEDmatch A844152 and his 1st cousin, 2x removed Lesley (Lett) Keil GEDmatch T217392

Time on WikiTree

Genealogy TimeLine
  • 2009,
    • Age 10, I created a family tree for a school project, found out that I'm allegedly descended from the Tudor royal family. Data sourced from Dad and Aunty (a lot of family connections were incorrect)
  • 2014,
    • Aged 16, began my journey researching my family, something made me want to find my ancestors and family,
    • Aged 16, started training in Genealogy, guided by the school librarian, local museum researcher and the internet.
  • 2015,
    • Aged 16 Found WikiTree as part of a Google Search, liked the One Tree concept and joined.
  • 2016, Helped 3 People with Genealogcal research
Campbell Braddock participated with Team Australia during the 2016 Source-a-Thon, adding 14 sources to profiles.
    • Aged 18, created the research project Connecting all Braddock's which then changed to the Braddock Name Study
    • Aged 18, brought myself an AncestryDNA Test.
  • 2017, Helped 12 People with Genealogcal research
Campbell Braddock participated with Team Australia during the 2017 Clean-a-Thon, correcting 182 suggestions.
Campbell Braddock participated with The KiwiCrew Team during the 2017 Source-a-Thon, adding 66 sources to profiles.
    • Aged 18, Researched Braddocks that were born in New Zealand (95% Complete)
    • Aged 18, Researched Braddocks that were born in Australia (91% Complete)
    • Aged 18, First paid research assignment for a company.
    • Aged 19, Created the Braddock Genealogy Facebook Page
    • Aged 19, Winner of the 1st WikiTreer Awards for Best Personal Profile
  • 2018, Helped 25 People with Genealogcal research
Campbell Braddock participated with The KiwiCrew Team during the 2018 Source-a-Thon, adding 231 sources to profiles.
Campbell Braddock participated with The KiwiCrew during the 2018 Clean-a-Thon, correcting 503 suggestions.
    • Aged 20, First time helping an adoptee find their birth parents.
  • 2019, Helped 84 People with Genealogical research
    Campbell Braddock is participating with The KiwiCrew during the 2019 Clean-a-Thon, correcting 544 suggestions.
Campbell Braddock participated with The KiwiCrew Team during the 2019 Source-a-Thon, adding 407 sources to profiles.
Campbell Braddock is participating with The KiwiCrew during the 2019 Connect-a-Thon, and has added 181 connections.
    • Aged 20, created the England and Wales Register, all Braddocks born between 1837-1940, will be researched and manually entered on WikiTree, a total of 2700+ people
  • 2020, Helped 36 People with Genealogical research
Campbell Braddock participated with The KiwiCrew during the 2020 Clean-a-Thon, correcting 41 suggestions.
Campbell Braddock participated with The KiwiCrew Team during the 2020 Source-a-Thon, adding 128 sources to profiles.
    • Aged 21, researched over 2700 Braddocks from England and Wales, still have 7% until complete.
    • Aged 22, started researching Pennsylvania Braddocks
  • 2021, Helped 42 People with Genealogical research
Campbell Braddock participated with The KiwiCrew Team during the 2021 Source-a-Thon, adding 145 sources to profiles.
    • Aged 22, Researched Braddocks from the United States, organised clans and categories.
    • Aged 23, Redesigned and reorganised the Kiwi Crew Team, ready for the Connect-a-Thon, I'm now co-captain
  • 2022, Helped 3 People with Genealogical research so far
Campbell Braddock participated with The KiwiCrew during the 2022 Connect-a-Thon, and has added 182 connections.
    • Aged 23, ...

Since beginning my genealogical journey, I've connected with over 80 distant cousins from all over the world, Shared photos and stories, learnt more about my family DNA, and helped over 150 unrelated people find their own ancestors

Braddock Research

I created the Braddock Name Study to connect all Braddocks, which includes connecting lost families with their distant cousins and establishing a small community to share family stories. Three years later I have helped two adopted Braddock's find their birth parents, connected families with reunions and widen the scope of Braddock family research available free via WikiTree. Wikitree has been great with presenting information for each family, Each different family on WikiTree are categorized into Clans, as of December 2018, there are 17 clans with over 70% of Braddock Profiles in a clan. We are very strict on what is considered a source, how the information is presented and if it's reliable. In March 2015 there were only 120 profiles, now, there are just under 4000 profiles (mostly researched by myself) and still room for growth in many locations. I have created a Facebook page (Braddock Genealogy), on this page we give helpful research information, the latest progress and the profile of the week. Like the page to share your support.

Braddock research in New Zealand and Australia was a huge success in 2018, I collected the Birth, Deaths and marriages from the Australia and New Zealand government BDM's and created large tables for freespace pages that showed every record and linked them to profiles on Wikitree.

Since the success of researching New Zealand and Australian Braddock's, I decided to have bigger and bolder plans, At the start of 2019 I had created large spreadsheets of Braddock's born in England and Wales, the information was sourced from online GRO Index and FreeBMD, The date range was 1837-1940. as of June 2020, I have managed to create 2444 profiles on WikiTree (91.3%) with a further 234 people to add.

Braddock Line
Y.gif Y chromosome Line
Y.gif Edward Bradock
B.>1552 in England
Husband of Margerie
Y.gif Robert Bradock
B.1570 in Rocester, Staffordshire, England
Husband of Joanne
Y.gif Francis Braddock
b. 1610 in Rocester, Staffordshire, England
Husband of Frances Man
Y.gif Edward Bradock
B.1639 in Rocester, Staffordshire, England
D.20 Nov 1706 in Church Broughton, Derbyshire, England
Husband of Dorothy Brunt
Y.gif Joannis Bradock
B.1665 in Boyleston, Derbyshire, England
Wife is Unknown
Y.gif Joannis Bradock
B.1702 in Macclesfield, Cheshire, England
D.31 Aug 1741 in Macclesfield, Cheshire, England
Husband of Mary Cumberbach
Y.gif George Bradock
B.1725 in Macclesfield, Cheshire, England
Husband of Elizabeth Sparbrook
Y.gif James Bradock
B.1765 in Macclesfield, Cheshire, England
D.3 Jan 1832 in Macclesfield, Cheshire, England
Husband of Ellen Owen
Y.gif Samuel Braddock
B.1784 in Macclesfield, Cheshire, England
D.27 Sep 1826 in Macclesfield, Cheshire, England
Husband of Mary Goodier
Y.gif Jonas Archibald Braddock I
B.1810 in Wilmslow, Cheshire, England
D.22 Jun 1884 in Macclesfield, Cheshire, England
Husband of Elizabeth Craik
Y.gif Jonas Archibald Braddock II
B.3 May 1868 in Macclesfield, Cheshire, England
D.7 Sep 1947 in Taupiri, Waikato, New Zealand
Husband of Gladys Jane Hand
Y.gif William Braddock
B.20 Jan 1928 in Macclesfield, Cheshire, England
D.9 Oct 1989 in Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand
Husband of Phyllis Ruby Williams
Y.gif I Braddock
B.1950s in New Zealand
Partner of T Smith
Y.gif Campbell Braddock
B.1990s in New Zealand

I have the oldest traceable Braddock line, dating over 460 years or 13 generations. these Braddocks originated in Rocester, Staffordshire, and seven generations were born in Macclesfield, Cheshire. In Macclesfield, my ancestors worked as Gas and Rates Collectors, Confectioners, Grocers, Farmers, and in the Silk industry. It's been 88 years since my Great-grandfather Jonas and his family arrived in New Zealand from Macclesfield. Our family belongs in Braddock Clan 1, the most researched Braddock family and now the largest on WikiTree.

In February 2017, I created a very detailed WikiTree Braddock Register, which contains all Braddock profiles, we use this list to show the true information on Clans, location, Common names, Privacy levels and if the profile is sourced with reliable records. I have included the most common variants including Bradock, Braddocke, Bradocke, and Brodock.


I am grateful for the guidance, assistance and encouragement I have received from so many people in New Zealand, England, Sweden, the United States and Australia. Friends, Relatives, and the staff at museums, council offices and archives have been unfailingly helpful, And I acknowledge their contributions. I would like to thank Stuard Greer, a reporter from Macclesfield Express, Richard Foy, Chief Archivist and General Manager of Archives New Zealand, Waitaki District Libraries and Museum. and Paperspast for being free to access; and a large number of family and friends including Graham Braddock, Ian Braddock, Bev Roper, Alison O'Sullivan, late Jason Smith, Kathryn Smith, Gunner Leman, Valerie Willis, Kathleen Grant, Linda Trickett, and Fiona Jackson

Section 5 of Help: HTML and Inline CSS states that Members have somewhat more freedom to express their creativity on Private profiles and Free-Space Profiles.... Those who want to experiment may end up leading the way in developing new standards.

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DNA Connections
It may be possible to confirm family relationships by comparing test results with Campbell or other carriers of his ancestors' Y-chromosome or mitochondrial DNA. Mitochondrial DNA test-takers in the direct maternal line: It is likely that these autosomal DNA test-takers will share some percentage of DNA with Campbell:

Have you taken a DNA test? If so, login to add it. If not, see our friends at Ancestry DNA.

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Hello Campbell,

We wrote to you about the changes in the Profile Improvement Project (PIP) a couple of weeks ago. If you would like to continue with the Project, we can place you in the Biography Team, Level 1 where you can work on improving profiles from your own watchlist to Level 1 of the Profile Standards.

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Hi Debi, I would love to be in the biography team, I'm currently going though my direct ancestors profiles and cleaning them up and adding additional research if I come across it.

I'll sort the Voyage task probably next week when I find time.

Happy Wikitreeing. Campbell

posted by Campbell Braddock
Absolutely amazing my distant cousin. When we have bad days, we can just say we're just channeling Grandpa King John :) I'm sure my brother has a Bob Welch album somewhere in his clutter. Inspiring stuff!
posted by Chris Luck
Hi Campbell, I just came across your Braddock, Black Heritage category. You had this as a sub project of the global Black Heritage Project and there should be no personal space pages in that category. It is also not a subproject since it is a name study/personal project. I have changed the other parent category to African-American Name Studies since this is where it would be classified. Let me know if you have any questions about that. Thanks! Emma~~US Black Heritage and global Black Heritage
Thank you so much for doing an awesome job on my grandmother Rose Braddocks profile (Braddock-4703). I knew it had been looked at and someone thanked me for adding her to the wiki tree, but I had no idea so much work was put into her bio and sources. I really appreciate all you have done.

Sincerely grateful, Jocelynn~~ Cottrell-1773

posted by Jocelynn (Cottrell) Bogie
edited by Jocelynn (Cottrell) Bogie
Hi, Campbell!

Thank you for your participation in October’s 2020 Source-a-thon. Your contributions helped us to clear over 57,000 profiles that needed sourcing. This makes our Shared Tree all that much better.

Keep up the great work!

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I just came across your profile. It's AMAZING!!!! I feel very inspired to improve my own profile. How did you do it? Have you used some special coding for all the great features and presentation? This surely isn't just standard Wiki Markup?
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Hi there, Campbell!

Thanks so very much for your participation in the spring Clean-a-thon! Every suggestion you cleared made our Tree that much better. The WikiTree community appreciates YOU!

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