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Enos Browning (1751 - 1816)

Enos Browning
Born in Culpeper County, Virginia Colonymap
Ancestors ancestors
Husband of — married 1776 in Caswell County, North Carolinamap
Descendants descendants
Died in Washington, Virginia, United Statesmap
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US Southern Colonies.
Enos Browning resided in the Southern Colonies in North America before 1776.
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1776 Project
Private Enos Browning served with Continental Line, Virginia during the American Revolution.
SAR insignia
Enos Browning is an NSSAR Patriot Ancestor.
NSSAR Ancestor #: 123364
Rank: Private
Daughters of the American Revolution
Enos Browning is a DAR Patriot Ancestor, A016027.

1751 Birth and Parents

Enos Browning is named as a son of Nicholas Browning in Nicholas' 1787 will, recorded in Caswell County, North Carolina, in which he and his heirs are to receive a "feather bed and furniture." [1]

Sarah, named in Nicholas 1787 will as Nicholas' wife, was Sarah Washburn. She was the mother of Nicholas' children.

Hurley shows Enos Browning born about 1751[2] Enos' birth has been reported as 24 November 1751 but the source of this information is unclear. In 1751 Nicholas Browning and his family were living in Culpeper County, Virginia. Enos Browning is shown as an adult at the time of the 1787 will, thus he was born not later than 1766.


Enos had a number of siblings, some of whom appear in his life later on.

  1. John, cut off from inheritance; reason not explained[1] John Browning, born c. 1745, died after June 1817 in Giles County, Tennessee. Married about 1763 in Virginia or North Carolina to Dorothy Davenport, daughter of Thomas Davenport. [2]
  2. Sarah, to receive value of 1/2 property.[1] Sarah was born about 1750. [2]
  3. Francis, cut off from inheritance; reason not explained. [1] Francis was born about 1753, and died about 1818 in Albemarle County, Virginia. Married to Winifred. [2] Note that Hurley is wrong regarding his death because Francis himself testified in 1855 at the age of 101 that he had been born about 1753[3]
  4. Jean, to receive value of 1/2 property[1] born about 1757 [2]
  5. Charles, cut off from inheritance; reason not explained[1] born about 1755 [2]
  6. Elizabeth, cut off from inheritance; reason not explained[1] born about 1760. [2]
  7. Mary, cut off from inheritance; reason not explained[1] born about 1762. [2]

Enos' uncle Edmond and cousin Joshua were living at the time of the will and appointed as executors. [2]

  • 1776 Private Enos Browning served on the Continental Line for the State of Virginia. DAR Ancestor # A016027. [4]

1777 Marriage to Jane Trim

Enos Browning married Jane "Jennie" Trim, [3] who was born about 1750, perhaps in North Carolina.[2]

The year of the marriage is uncertain. Hurley gives it as 1776, pehaps in Caswell County, North Carolina.[2] In 1853 the heirs stated it had occurred about 1777 or 1778. [5] Two years later, when Enos' younger brother Francis testified, at the age of 101, Francis recalled that the marriage occurred at the close of the war, (which ended in 1783) in North Carolina, by a magistrate.[3]

In 1834, Jane (by then aged about 84) was "very old and poor", depending entirely for support on the charity of her relations. [6]

Jane died November 15, 1843 at Island Creek, in then Logan County, Virginia (now West Virginia).[2][5]

Move to Russell County, Virginia

Francis restified that when he moveds to Russell (then Washington) County, Enos' family lived there, but Enos was in service of the Revolutionary War. [6]

Judge Grimsley's account notes that "Francis went to Russell County, Virginia, as did his brother Enos." [7] Russell County was formed in 1786 from Washington County, which was formed in 1776 from Fincastle County, which was formed in 1772 from Botetourt County, formed in 1770 from Augusta, which was formed in 1738 from Orange County. If Grimsley was referring to the current location, it is uncertain when the brothers moved there.

Revolutionary War Service


Enos enlisted in 1777 [8] in Culpeper County, Virginia [5]; alternatively, he enlisted in 1777 or 1778 in the "Virginia militia on the continental establshment." It has been noted that the statement that Enos Browning “enlisted into the Virginia Militia on the continental establishment” makes no sense. Virginia militias were never on Continental Establishment. Since militia tours were generally for three months each, it appears that Browning served in the Continental Army. [9] He served under the command of General Nathaniel Greene [5]

South Carolina

In 1781 Enos served at the Seige of Ninety-Six, South Carolina (22 May-19 June 1781). [9]

Jesse Vermillion testified that he stopped to see Enos at Camden, South Carolihna, but couldn't due to lack of time. [10]

1817 Death in Logan County, Virginia (now West Virginia)

Enos Browning died 1817 in Washington County, Virginia. [2]

On 15 May 1854 in Logan County Reese Browning, with Isaac Browning, Jesse Browning, and Edmund Browning as securities, was named administrator of the estate of Enos Browning. On 4 Sep 1855 Vincent Browning was made administrator of the estate of Jane Browning. [11]

On 5 Feb 1856 Caleb Browning, 38, stated that his grand-mother, Jane Browning, had died on 15 Sep 1842, and that her children Edmund, Francis, James, John, and Jacob were still living. The file includes a letter from James T. Browning of Saltville VA dated 26 July 1858 to the Secretary of War alleging that the agent who handled the pension had charged $350 out of the $450 awarded. [11]


On 2 Oct 1854 John Vance and David Robinson of Logan County stated that the children of Jane Browning were named Henry, Charles, Caleb, Betsey, Francis, Edmund, James, John, and Jacob Browning, that she died about Nov 1842 at the Left Hand Fork of Island Creek in Logan County, that Caleb and Betsey were dead, and that Henry and Charles were believed to be dead. [11]

Birth years are uncertain. Children are shown below in the order named by Vance and Robinson.

  1. Henry Browning, born about 1780 [12] Believed to be dead in 1854.
  2. Charles Browning Believed to be dead in 1854
  3. Caleb Browning Known to be dead in 1854
  4. Elizabeth Browning Known to be dead in 1854. On 21 Sep 1840 in Logan County (West) Virginia it was certified by the oath of Susanna Vance that Enos Browning died about 1817 leaving the following children: Edmund, Francis, James, John; and Jacob, and that his daughter Betsy had died unmarried about 1830 leaving the following children: Josiah, James, Lucinda, Harley, and Grey. In 1826 Edmund Browning was appointed guardian of Lucinda, Caleb, and Grey Browning, illegitimate children of Elizabeth Browning. [11]
  5. Francis Browning, born about 1774 [12]
  6. Edmund Browning, born in 1772 [12] Named in declaration as the first-born. Birth calculated as 1778 based on 1853 declaration [5]or 1783 based on Francis' 1855 testimony. [3] At expiration of war in 1783, Edmund was a small boy, able to walk.
  7. James Browning, born about 1778 [12]Living in 1853 [5]
  8. John Browning, born about 1776 [12] Age 59 in 1853, born 1794.
  9. Jacob Browning, born about 1782. [12] Living in 1853 [5]

Research Notes

Was Enos Browning the son of John Browning and Elizabeth Demarest?

Edward Franklin Browning reports that Enos Browning, son of John Browning and Elizabeth Demarest, was born in Culpeper County, Virginia in 1751.[12] Edward Franklin Browning provides a list of children of John Browning which is inconsistent with the will and therefore should be considered incorrect; an image of the page has been appended to this profile.

Judge Grimsley's account of the Browning family in Culpeper, Virginia, follows Edward Franklin Browning in showing Enos to be a son of John Browning and Elizabeth Demarest. [7]

In contrast to these narratives, the will of John Browning, which appears below, is very specific in naming John's children, including Joshua, who is cut off with only one dollar. There is no Enos mentioned. Enos IS, however, named in the will of John's brother Nicholas.

The John Browning in question was born in Culpeper County, Virginia, where he married Elizabeth Demarest, the mother of his children. The family moved to Caswell County, North Carolina, where Elizabeth died and John married Susannah Teague Boren. John subsequently moved to Greene County, Georgia, where he died. His will was dated October 7,1803 and recorded January 29, 1804 in Greene County Will Book D. He names his wife and children, providing the married names of his daughters. [13]

Daughters of the American Revolution

Application was made to the DAR based on the records of Enos Browning, who married Jane Trimm, however it was determined that Enos was a son of Nicholas Browning. [14]

The Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution honor Enos for his Patriotic Service, based on his Pension Number *W9753. Applications for membership in the Society have been made by the descendants of his sons, Edmund Browning, who married _____ Hall; Francis Browning, who married Tabitha Vance; John Browning, who married Tamsey Lilly and Jacob Browning, who married Sarah Clem.

Major Documents Showing Enos Browning

1787 Will of Nicholas Browning

Proof of Parents, Nicholas and Sarah (Washburn) Browning

1787 WILL: Caswell County, North Carolina, RB B-166. Nicholas Browning, Recorded in Book B folio 166 Caswell County N. C.

I. Nicholas Browning of the state of North Carolina and county of Caswell being weak in body but of sound mind, memory and understanding do this twenty third of October in the year of our lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty six make and publish this my last Will and Testament and none other.

  • First I recommend my soul to god and my body to be buried in a Christian manner at the desecration of my executor as I shall nominate and appoint and as to the worldly estate where with it hath pleased god to bestow me, I do dispose of the same in manner and form following. --Viz--
  • Item First I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Sarah, the third part of all my estate real and personal as not to disturb Joseph Jones where he now lives;
  • Secondly, at her death for all the land to be sold to the highest bidder and equally divided between my two daughters, Sarah and Jean to them and their heir and assigns for ever.
  • Item: I give and bequeath to my son Enos Browning, one feather bed and furniture to him, his heirs and assigns for ever. Item, I give and bequeath to my beloved daughter Jean, one feather bed and furniture and forty shillings in money more than those above mentioned;
  • Thirdly; after these legacies are taken out of my estate, Enos and daughter Jean; the remainder that is left to be equally divided between my two daughters above mentioned to be sold and equally divided;
  • Fourthly; my son Francis, John, Charles and my daughters Mary and Elizabeth I cut off from having any part or right or title to any of my estate where with I am now posses with only one shilling sterling to each of them at my decease.
  • Fifthly; I nominate and appoint Edmond Browning my beloved Brother and Joshua Browning my hole and sole executors of this my Last Will and Testament, revoking all other wills or wills, and this only to be my Last Will and Testament and none other in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the day an date before written.
  • Nicholas Browning
  • Signed Sealed and Delivered, in presence of Isaac Corin and James Hopper


1803 Will of John Browning

In the name of God Amen. I John Browning of the County of Greene and State of Georgia- Being sick and weak in body but sound and perfect memory and calling to mind the transitory things of this life do make, constitute, and ordain this to be my last will and testament, revoking all other wills heretofore made by me.

  • First: I give and bequeath (after paying all my just debts) unto my beloved wife Susannah Browning both real and personal during the life of her widowhood and after her decease or marriage, it is my will that the plantation whereon I now live containing one hundred & eighty seven and a half acres with all its improvements shall belong to my son William Browning.
  • It is also my will that all the balance of my property including all my Negroes, horses, cattle, hogs and stock of ever kinds, also money,.notes or debts with all my household furniture, working tools, with all & everything that may belong to me at my decease should be equally divided between my children as hereafter named, to wit, Francis Browning, John Browning, William Browning, Anna Bird, Phebe Boring, Sincy Fuller, Clara Harrelson and Milicent Wright, except a Negro man named Jack and a bay mare called Bony and one feather bed and furniture which I give unto beloved wife Susannah Browning to keep during her life and to be at her disposal at her death.
  • I also give unto my son Joshua Browning one Dollar and desire my Executors to pay him that sum, witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 7th day of Oct 1803.
  • /s/ John Browning (seal)
  • Test: Davis Gresham, Phil Clements, Saml Baldwin.
  • Greene Co, GA, Court of Ordinary, Jan Term 1804
  • The within Will & testament of John Browning decd. Proven in open Court by the oaths of Phillip Clements and Saml Baldwin who were subscribing witnesses to the same.[15]

1833 Statement of Francis Browning

State of Virginia Russell county to wit

  • This day appeared before the undersigned a justice of the peace for the county aforesaid Francis Browning aged eighty years, a citizen of said county and made oath in due form of Law
  • that he was well acquainted with Enos Browning during our revolutionary war,
  • who enlisted into the Virginia Militia on the continental establishment about the year 1777 or 1778 and
  • continued in the service under General Greene and served at the seige of ninety-six [Ninety Six SC, 22 May - 19 Jun 1781] until he was discharged in the year 1782;
  • when he returned to his family in Washington County Virginia. [11]
  • Sworn to and subscribed before me in said county the 17 day of December 1833 [signed] Francis Browning [9]

1833 Testimony of Jesse Vermillion

State of Virginia } Russell County to wit } This day personally appeared before the undersigned a justice of the peace in and for said county Jesse Vermillion [pension application W6362] aged eighty one years a citizen of said county and made oath in due form of Law

  • that he was well acquainted with Enos Browning before, during, and since, the Revolutionary War;
  • that although he did not see said Enos Browning in the service, he is as well satisfied that he served in the army of the Revolution as if he had seen his service, they having at the time both lived in the same neighborhood.
  • and the said Jesse Vermillion further states that when on his return from a tour of service in the south he stopped at Camblin [sic: Camden SC] in order to see Enos Browning who he understood was then there in the army, but for want of time failed to find him
  • Sworn and subscribed to before me in said county the 17 day of December 1833 [signed] Jesse Vermillion. [10]

1834 First Testimony of Jane Browning

Logan County Va. Jan’y the 14th 1834.

  • The petition of Jane Browning to His Excellency John Floyd Governor of the State of Virginia, and the executive council,
  • respectfully sheweth that your petitioner is the Widow of Enos Browning, who, served as a soldier for several years during the War of our revolution and who she understands was entitled to bounty land from the State for these services;
  • not having received his bounty, or indeed scarce any remuneration for these services;
  • she therefore prays that your Excellency and Council will be graciously pleased to Grant her such Land as her husband was entitled to, by Law,
  • She is now very old and poor; depending entirely for support; on the charity of her relations; which induces her to make this application, which she doubts not will be instantly accorded to her and your petitioner as in duty bound will ever pray &c Jane Browning. [6]

Supportive Testimony of Francis Browning

  • This day personally appeared before James M McFarland a justice of the peace in & for the County of Russell Francis Browning & made Oath,
  • that when he moved to the County of Russell (then Washington County) Enos Browning’s family resided in said County,
  • & he Francis Browning was informed that said Enos Browning was then in the service of the Revolutionary War and that said Enos Browning did not return home to his family untill some time after the 1 of Jany 1782

he further says he believes Enos Browning enlisted in the Virginia line Given under my hand this 16 day of Jan’y. 1840

1840 Second Petition of Jane Browning

On 3 February 1840 Jane Browning entered the following petition: [8]

  • The petition of Jane Browning of the County of Logan to His Excellency the Governor and Counsel of State of Virginia.
  • Humbly sheweth, that her late husband Enos Browning, enlisted in the year 1777 into the Virginia Militia, in the line establishment for the State and served, she believes, 4 or 5 years.
  • your petitioner is advised that her husband was entitled to Land bounty for his services in the War of the Revolution and which her late husband never received. Your Humble petitioner being extremely poor; and now over ninety years of age; respectfully prays that you will be pleased, to grant her, a Warrant for such Land as her husband might be entitled too; for his services as aforesaid and your petitioner as in duty bound will ever pray. &c. &c.
  • Jane Browning Logan County to wit

Supportive testimony:

  • Personally appeared before the subscriber a Justice of the peace in & for Logan County Edmund Browning son of the above Jane Browning; and made oath that he can recollect the return of his father, in Washington County; from the War of the revolution; and that he had been absent several years; Given under my hand this 3 day of Feby 1840.

1853 Declaration of Heirs

The Declaration of the Heirs of Enas Browning – In Order to Obtaine the bennifit of the Act of Congress of the 7th of June 1832.[5]

State of Virginia County of Washington

  • On this 3d day of December 1853 personally appeared in open Court, John Browning son and Heir of Enas Browning de’d, a resident of the County of Wyoming and State aforesaid, aged 59 years
  • who in due and solemn form of Law, doth, on his Oath, declare, and make the following declaration, In order to to obtaine the benefit of the provision made by the Act of Congress, passed the 7th of June 1832.
  • that his Father Enos Browning was a soldier of the Revolutionary War,
  • that he enlisted in the Virginia Continental line for five years, or during the War,
  • that he did so enlist in the County of Culpeper, state aforesaid, and that he was under the Command of Genl. [Nathanael] Greene, that he served to the end of the War, in the year 1783
  • that he was honorably discharged, and that his discharges was burned in his House, when it was consumed,
  • that proof of service is filed, in the Bounty Land Office, on which proof Warrant Issued to, and was received, by said Enas Browning for one Hundred Acres, for service in the war of the Revolution
  • that the said Enas Browning, and Jane his Wife, were married in 1777 or 8 – record of which was consumed, when his discharge was burned, that the said Enas Browning never applied for Pension, and that he departed this life in the County of Washington in the year 1815.
  • That his Widow Jane Browning departed this life in the County of Logan [now West Virginia], in the year 1843 about the 15th of Nov’r.
  • that the said Jane Browning at her death, left the following named Children, who are still living (Viz) Edmund Browning – their first born Child, now aged seventy five years, Francis Browning, James Browning, John Browning, and Jacob Browning,
  • the Heirs very respectfully ask, with the proof of service, on file in the Bounty Land Office and the proof now adduce, that discussion in their case, conform with the letter, and spirit of the 2 . and 3. Sections of the act of the 7th of June 1832 & 36 that the said Enas Browning never did during his natural life apply for pension,
  • the Heir Claim pension, in right of the widow Jane Browning their Mother, on that Clause of the same, where it is enacted, If marriage took place, before the termination of the soldiers service in 1783 she shall obtain from the 4th of March 1831 else 4th March 1836.
  • the parties were married in 1777 or 8.
  • the last service of the said Enos terminated at the peace of 83 at which time, his Eldest Child Edmund Browning on his return home was a small boy able to walk, in consequence the Heirs claim full pension pr. annum, in right of the widow from the 4th day of March 1836 – to the day of her death, on the 15th of Novr. 1843 making twelve years full pension pr. annum
  • the affidavit of Francis Browning [pension application S6731] now enclosed, marked letter A, shows, not only the date of marriage – but state of cohabitation and legality of marriage by reputation – the said Francis being upward of One Hundred years of age, of sound mind and memory – And being the kinsman of the said Enos his – Afs. opportunity, and natural affection, has stored up the facts he has deposed to, in the Chamber of memory which cannot be forgotten.
  • John his X mark Browning State of Virginia } County of Russell } SS

1855 Statement of Enos' Brother Francis Browning

Second Statement of Francis Browning:[3]

  • On this day [23 Jun 1855] personally appeared before me a Justice of the peace for this County aforesaid,
  • Francis Browning, a resident of said County aged One Hundred and One years, Who in due and Solemn form of law, doth, on his Oath, declare,
  • that Enos Browning returned from the revolutionary War in the year 1782,
  • that he served long enough, in the Virginia Continental line, to entitle him to Bounty land, & was award to his children by the State of Virginia since his death,
  • that his oldest child living is Edmund Browning who is now 72 years of age,
  • that the said Enos and Jane his wife, who was Jane Trim, were married about the close of the war in North Carolina, by a Magistrate, which accounts for the marriage not being found in Clerks office, but that they were truly married and were legally husband & wife, acknowledging each other as such, and acknowledging their children as their lawfully begotten Issue, and
  • that the Bounty land of said Enos Issued from the Virginia Land Office in the names of his children who were his Heirs at Law, (to wit) Edmund, Francis, James, John, & Jacob Browning Francis his X mark Browning

Note: On 15 Nov 1850 Francis Browning stated that Enos Browning had served two years.

Research Notes

Needs Research maintenance category because stickers need correction (1776 Sticker parameter is incorrect & the NSSAR number is actually the DAR number). ~ Noland-165 01:16, 27 September 2021 (UTC)


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See also:

Bibliography of Frequently Cited Works

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See Also

  • U.S., Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty-Land Warrant Application Files, 1800-1900 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2010. Original data: Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty-Land Warrant Application Files (NARA microfilm publication M804, 2,670 rolls). Records of the Department of Veterans Affairs, Record Group 15. National Archives, Washington, D.C.
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    • Enos Browning. Birth date: 1751; Birth place: Culpeper County, Virginia; Death date: 1815; Death place: Russell, Virginia;
    • Father: John Browning; Mother: Elizabeth Demarest;

SAR membership #:83759; Application date: 4 Oct 1958;

    • Spouse: Jane Trim;
    • Children: Edmond Browning.
    • "Enos Browning enlisted in the Virginia Militia in 1777 and in NC in 1779. He was granted land (through a State grant) for his military service." available here through subscription.


  • WikiTree profile Browning-445 created through the import of Coley Wolford Stayton McCarroll Bond.ged on Aug 7, 2011 by [[Coley-65 | Tom Coley]

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Since different sources show different parents for Enos, I've temporarily re-arranged the biographical material to show which facts belong to Enos son of John, which to Enos son of Nicholas, and which to either. If the end result is to prove there are two different Brownings named Enos, a new profile will be created for one of them.
posted by Jack Day
Extensive research indicates that (1) Enos is not named in the will of John Browning (2) Enos is named in the will of John's brother Nicholas (3) no evidence has been found for there being two men named Enos Browning in this time. Therefore the evidence seems overwhelming that Enos is the son of Nicholas, not John Browning. As much documentation as possible has been placed in the biographical narrative.

Edward Franklin Browning's 1908 book has been the "go-to" book of Browning genealogy. However, in case after case, as with Enos, the material in that book has been found to be in error.

If there is no objection, Nicholas Browning and Sarah Washburn will be connected as the parents for Enos.

posted by Jack Day
edited by Jack Day
Enos Browning's parents are Nicholas and Sarah Washburn Browning. EFB and anyone who sited him should NOT be used as a source for this line.

Thank you.

posted by A M


posted by Tom Coley
Hi Tom,

So....according to the genealogy by Edward Brown you cite in your first paragraph, the parents of Enos are John Browning and Elizabeth Demarest. The Demarest genealogy I've added to the source list also lists Elizabeth Demarest and John Browning as his parents. Also (even more importantly) the Sons of the Revolution membership application (I have added it to the source list) which lists them as his parents was reviewed and approved for membership in 1958. I believe the Enos Browning mentioned in the will of Nicholas (which you cite) is a different person. For one thing, the will doesn't mention that Enos being married to Jane. And second, Nicholas makes his "beloved brother Edmond" an executor. The SAR application shows that "our" Enos had a son named Edmond, so perhaps the Nicholas who wrote this will is our Enos's son and not his father (but this is just a guess and needs research). I propose that Nicholas Browning and Sarah Washburn be detached as Enos's parents and John Browning and Elizabeth Demarest be added as his parents instead. Are you comfortable with this? Jen

posted by Jen (Stevens) Hutton
My Gedmatch key ZG5038854 is under the new genesis site for 23andme v. 5 chip . I match quite a few of my relatives. Enos Browning would have been my 5th Great grandfather.
Browning-445 and Browning-432 do not represent the same person because: DIFFERENT PARENTS
posted by Tom Coley
A667758 is my GEDMATCH. I match several on this list, so if you match me, your research is on point.

Willie Brewer and Charlene Watros are matches for me.

posted by [Living Russell]
This profile does not list the sisters "Sarah and Jean".... as referenced in this will. Also, In reference to some of the other children listed from the will .. We have those names listed as Enos' children.... This will appears to be that of Enos Father.... therefore, making it not about the same people/generations. Definitely needs much more researching.
posted by Anne Baker
Enos Browning (Rev. War Vet.) h/o Jane Trim is the s/o Nicholas Browning and Sarah Washburn per Will of Nicholas Browning.

This Enos is NOT the son of John Browning. This Enos Browning is the son of Browning-255. Enos and Jane "Jennie" Trim Browning had 10 children: Charles BROWNING (? – 1853), Edmund Browning Sr (1778 – 1854), Francis Browning (1780 – 1858), Henry Browning (1786 – ?), Elizabeth "Betsy" Browning (1788 – 1830), James Browning (1790 – 1826), Charles Browning (1792 – ?), Jacob Browning (1792 – 1861), John Wesley Browning Sr. (1794 – 1872), and Caleb Browning (1795 – 1840). His name is NOT Enoch.

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Browning-432 and Browning-462 are not ready to be merged because: Until parents are settled, it would be great to get the 1776 project protection on this profile. Married to same wife ?

Need sources other than family trees for parents.

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It would be great to settle the parental difference and protect this profile for the 1776 project because of his American Revolution ties.

I will refer it to the 1776 project leader and see if the project leader can assist with the parental information differences.

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Browning-462 and Browning-432 do not represent the same person because: Parents do not match
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