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The 101st Regiment which was authorized in Edmonton effective 1 April 1908. In 1909 it was renamed the 101st Regiment (Edmonton Fusiliers). This was Alberta’s first infantry unit.

When the First World War broke out, the 101st Regiment (Edmonton Fusiliers) recruited a contingent to wartime establishment of over 1200 officers and men within weeks of war’s declaration and had moved to Camp Valcartier to the west of Quebec by the end of August 1914. By that time the decision had been made to create the Canadian Expeditionary Force which was to include new numbered infantry battalions which would exist only for the duration of the war. As a result, all members of the 101st were transferred into the newly created 9th Canadian Overseas Infantry Battalion, CEF. The 9th Battalion went overseas in October of 1914 but never made it to France. Instead, it became part of the Canadian Training Depot and Reserve Battalion system which supplied reinforcements to the battalions fighting in France. The 101st itself continued to exist as a militia unit in Edmonton and contributed many more officers and men to the Canadian Expeditionary Force.


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13 Jun 1883 Brandon, Manitoba, Canada - 11 Oct 1964
15 Jun 1918 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada - 30 Aug 1948
14 Apr 1862 Plymouth, Devon, England - 30 Jul 1940 photo

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