Category: 18th Canadian Reserve Battalion (Manitoba), Canadian Expeditionary Force, World War I

Categories: Canadian Expeditionary Force, World War I

This category contains profiles of persons assigned to this unit during the first world war.

Background Information: Organized at Seaford on 12 January 1917 under the command of Lieutenant-Colonel K. C. Bedson.

Authorization published in Canadians’ Routine Order 271 of 20 January 1917.

Formed by absorbing 144th and 203rd Battalions.

Absorbing 181st Battalion on 29 April 1917, 190th on 14 May 1917, 141st on 21 May 1917, 151st Battalion on 17 October 1917 as well as the 2nd Independent Company and British American Draft from Winnipeg.

Reinforced 8th, 44th and 52nd Battalions. Later it reinforced the 78th, 107th and 3rd Labour Battalions. After August 1918, the 13th Canadian Reserve Battalion reinforced the 44th Battalion.

Moved to East Sandling on 5 March 1917, Dibgate on 8 March 1917, Seaford in April 1918.

Arrived in Canada 20 June 1919, and disbanded.

Had brass and bugle bands.

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Person Profiles (1)

29 Mar 1897 Carman, Manitoba, Canada - 16 Sep 1958

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