Category: 18th Century, Lloyd Name Study

Categories: Lloyd Name Study

This is a subcategory of the Lloyd Name Study.

This category is for individuals who were born between 1700 and 1799.
Individuals who wish to add profiles to this category and have further information on that person's ancestry may have to have the wikitree certification level of pre-1700 - Help: Pre-1700 Profiles if the ancestor was born prior to 1700.
Individuals can be added to this subcategory through the Category Code:

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Person Profiles (8)

1740 Rodington, Shropshire, England - Feb 1814
abt 1737 - 09 May 1789
bef 1770 Shropshire, England
1734 Rodington, Shropshire, England
abt 1735 Rodington, Shropshire, England
abt 1746 Rodington, Shropshire, England
abt 1702 Shropshire, England - Mar 1770
1731 High Ercall, Shropshire, England - 1785

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