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This category contains profiles of those who served in the 1st Company, Peterborough Rifles.

The earliest record of an organized military presence in Peterborough County dates back to 1837, when a number of individuals marched to York (Toronto) to help subdue the MacKenzie Rebellion. In the years that followed, battalions quickly formed in Otonabee, Douro, Asphodel, Smith, and North Monaghan.

On April 2,1857, the First Volunteer Militia Rifle Company of Peterborough was authorized under the command of Captain W. A. Scott, and only five years later, Captain Edwin Poole reported that the company was almost filled (June 19, 1862). To accommodate this, Peterborough Infantry Company No. 2 was recognized (June 8, 1862) under the Honourable S. Smith. Over the following year, three more companies were formed including:

  • 1st Volunteer Militia Company of Infantry at Peterborough (Captain John Kennedy)
  • The Volunteer Militia Rifle Company at Lakefield (Captain Vizzards/Captain Leigh)
  • The Volunteer Militia Company of Infantry at Ashburnham (Captain Robert D. Rogers)

A History of Peterborough Area Militia and Fenian Raids by Creighton Avery, Completed for: Lang Pioneer Village, 2013

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28 Apr 1839 Newcastle, Upper Canada - May 1885 photo

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