Category: 1st Divisional Engineers, Canadian Expeditionary Force, World War I

Categories: Canadian Expeditionary Force, World War I

This category contains profiles of members of the 1st Divisional Engineers

Following the Boer War the Canadian Government realized that the defence of Canada required more than just a single infantry battalion and a few artillery batteries as part of the permanent defence force. In 1903 The Royal Canadian Engineers were founded as the basis of the permanent military engineers, while the militia had the Royal Canadian Engineers created under the leadership of a former Royal Military College of Canada officer cadet, Lieutenant-Colonel Paul Weatherbe.

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Person Profiles (2)

19 Aug 1890 Forres, Morayshire, Scotland, United Kingdom - 12 Dec 1917 photo
19 Feb 1898 Wallaceburg, Chatham-Kent Municipality, Ontario, Canada - 06 Oct 1918 photo

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