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In 2012, the Queen’s York Rangers (1st American Regiment) (RCAC), being the current unit of the Canadian Armed Forces succeeding the 1st Regiment of York Militia, was awarded honours perpetuating their service in Defence of Canada – 1812-1815 – Defense du Canada, and battle honours for Detroit and Queenston.[1]


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  1. War of 1812 Canadian Awards Sorted by Current Units, Backgrounder, Dept. of National Defence.

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  • Joseph Fleury Sr. abt 1786 Saint-Cuthbert, D'Autray, Lower Canada, British Colonial America - 1860



  • John Langstaff 9 Sep 1774 Piscataway, Middlesex, New Jersey - 14 May 1865




  • Jacob Rymal abt 10 Aug 1790 Barton, Wentworth, Upper Canada - abt 4 Sep 1856




  • Ludwig Wideman 21 Sep 1781 Northampton, Northampton, Pennsylvania, United States - 7 Dec 1837
  • Noadiah Woodruff 10 Nov 1778 Farmington, Connecticut, United States - 6 Aug 1862

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