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The Second Century CE, i.e. 101 to 200

Early in the century, the Roman Empire attained its greatest expansion under the emperor Trajan, but after his death became primarily defensive for the rest of its history. Much prosperity took place throughout the empire at this time, ruled as it were by the Five Good Emperors, a succession of just and able rulers. This period also saw the removal of the Jews from Jerusalem during the reign of Hadrian after Bar Kokhba's revolt. The last quarter of the century saw the end of the period of peace and prosperity known as the Pax Romana at the death of the emperor Marcus Aurelius, last of the "Five Good Emperors", and the accession of his ineffective and deranged son Commodus. (1)

Significant people

Trajan (Roman Emperor),
Hadrian (Roman Emperor),
Dr Abascantus (Doctor),
Marcus Aurelius (Roman Emperor),
Rabbi Akiva (Head of all the Jewish Sages),
Rabbi Yehuda haNasi (Prince of the Jewish people),
Commodus (Roman Emperor, claimed to be Hercules reincarnated),
Galen (medical writer),
Ignatius (third bishop of Antioch, author of letters),
Irenaeus (second bishop of Lyon, author of Against the Heresies),
Juvenal (Roman satirical poet),
Montanus (Christian heretic),
Pliny the Younger,
Plutarch (Greek historian),
Polycarp (bishop of Smyrna),
Ptolemy (Greek astronomer, astrologer and geographer),
Septimius Severus (Roman Emperor),
Suetonius (Roman historian),
Valentinius (Gnostic philosopher),
Victor I (bishop of Rome),

Person Profiles (13)

Africa - abt 199 photo
75 Roma, Roman Empire - 115 photo
Roma, Roman Empire - 20 Dec 217 photo
bef 121 - bef 161
Emesa, Syria - abt 20 Apr 168 photo
Epirus, Nicopolis - abt 24 May 193 photo
Fondi, Campania, Roman Empire - abt 177 photo
Greece, Roman Empire - abt 142 photo
Greece, Roman Empire - abt 107 photo
Roma, Roman Empire - abt 128 photo
Aquileia, Roman Empire - abt 161 photo
Terranova da Sibari, Calabria, Roman Empire - abt 137 photo

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