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Formed at the outbreak of the Second World War under the command of Lieutenant-General Sir Bernard Freyberg the 2nd New Zealand Division was attached to the British Eighth Army and fought in North Africa most notably at the second Battle of El Alamein in late 1942. In 1943 they were moved to Italy and fought at Monte Cassino and the Gothic Line.

The 2nd New Zealand Division also took part in the final invasion of Germany that saw the War in the European Theatre brought to a close. Elements of the division made up the occupation troops of Japan after the War.

See: Wikipedia:New_Zealand_2nd_Division

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1916 Fiji - 28 Jun 1942
21 Nov 1916 Auckland, New Zealand - 07 Aug 2012 photo
03 Aug 1897 New Zealand - 22 Jul 1942 photo
01 Mar 1911 75 Vermont Street, Ponsonby, Auckland, New Zealand - 29 Jul 1997 photo
24 Jul 1920 Hunterville, Manawatu-Wanganui, New Zealand - 23 May 1985 photo
05 Jun 1921 Gisborne, New Zealand - 14 Nov 1999
19 Jan 1900 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia - 26 Apr 1962
03 May 1912 New Zealand - 26 Mar 1985

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