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The 30th Battalion was an infantry battalion of the New Zealand 3rd Division, raised for service during the Second World War. After being raised in late 1940, the battalion undertook garrison duties in Fiji and on New Caledonia during the early part of the war, before undertaking combat operations during the latter part of the Solomon Islands campaign, landing on Vella Lavella and the Green Islands in 1943–1944. The battalion was disbanded in mid-1944 to return manpower to the New Zealand economy and to provide reinforcements to the New Zealand 2nd Division, which was fighting in Italy.

Formed in September 1940, and drawing personnel from the Canterbury and Otago districts, the 30th Battalion was initially assigned to the 8th Brigade, before eventually becoming part of the 14th Brigade, which served in the Pacific. Shortly after its establishment, the battalion undertook garrison duties on Fiji to defend against a possible Japanese attack, before handing over to US troops.

Service on New Caledonia followed before the 3rd Division concentrated on Guadalcanal in August 1943. As the Solomon Islands campaign progressed, the 3rd Division was given a combat role, and the 30th Battalion took part in its first combat operation of the war, landing on Vella Lavella in September 1943. In February 1944, the 30th fought another battle against the Japanese, this time on Nissan Island. In mid-1944, amidst a manpower shortage in New Zealand, the battalion returned to New Zealand and was broken up to return personnel to civilian industry and to provide reinforcements for the New Zealand 2nd Division, fighting in Italy.

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19 Jan 1913 Wanganui, Manawatu-Wanganui, New Zealand - 18 Dec 1961
19 Mar 1919 New Zealand - 28 Aug 2006
23 May 1910 Southland, New Zealand - 26 Dec 1992
14 Apr 1914 Tapanui, Otago, New Zealand - 2001
21 Mar 1918 Devonport, Auckland, New Zealand - 17 May 1968
06 Nov 1914 New Zealand - 1973
27 Apr 1916 Great Barrier Island, Auckland, New Zealand - 16 Jun 2000
21 Jan 1916 New Plymouth, Taranaki, New Zealand - 24 Dec 1943
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