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Adapted from an article by the late Capt (ret'd) Alex Hill, 1990 The history of military units in Ontario County (now Durham Region) in the Province of Ontario can be traced as far back as 1837. In that year (1837-1838), an infantry company was formed in Whitby.

Several years later, in 1856, a Highland Rifle Company was formed by Capt James Wallace, in Whitby.

Four years later, in 1860, this rifle company became part of the 2nd Battalion Volunteer Militia Rifles of Canada. This battalion changed its name in 1862 to the Queen's Own Rifles of Toronto, (later the Queen's Own Rifles of Canada). The Whitby Rifle Company became Number 6 Company of the Queen's Own. However, an important change soon took place in the battalion.

The Queen's Own, because of successful recruiting, was able to fill its ranks in Toronto. The Whitby Rifle Company, therefore, became independent in 1862.

At this time there were nine independent companies in Ontario County. These companies were sent to the Niagara area during the time of the Fenian Raids, 1864-1866. Following their service at Niagara, these nine companies were reorganized in 1866 and given the name, the 34th Battalion of Infantry, with headquarters in Whitby. Company headquarters were located at Columbus, Brooklin and Uxbridge.

Some members of the 34th Battalion saw active service later during the North West Rebellion of 1885, and the Boer War, 1899-1902.

In 1900, the unit's name was changed from the 34th Battalion of Infantry to the 34th Ontario Regiment (Ontario, in this case, refers to the County of Ontario, not the province).

It is perpetuated by The Ontario Regiment (RCAC).


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20 Jan 1896 Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada
13 Mar 1873 Zephyr, Uxbridge, North Riding, York, Ontario, Canada - 25 May 1918 photo

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