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3rd Assault Amphibian Battalion

3rd Assault Amphibian Battalion (3rd AABn) is one of two active duty assault amphibian battalions in the United States Marine Corps. The battalion's primary weapon system is the Amphibious Assault Vehicle or AAV. The AAV is a 27.5-ton armored vehicle that carries up to 21 combat-loaded Marines and is armed with the UGWS (UpGunned Weapons Station), which mounts a .50 cal (12.7 mm) M2HB machine gun and a Mk-19 40 mm grenade launcher. The AAV is the only armored vehicle in the U.S. inventory that is fully capable of operations both on land and in the ocean. The battalion is part of the 1st Marine Division and the I Marine Expeditionary Force. The unit is based in Camp Pendleton, California.


  • World War II
    • Battle of Bougainville
    • Battle of Guam
    • Battle of Iwo Jima
  • Vietnam War
  • Operation Desert Storm
  • Operation Iraqi Freedom
    • 2003 invasion of Iraq

The 3rd Assault Amphibian Battalion was assigned to:

Current primary subordinate units are: The battalion is composed of:

  • Headquarters & Services Company
  • Alpha Company
  • Bravo Company
  • Charlie Company
  • Delta Company (REIN) (stationed at Twentynine Palms, Ca)
  • Echo Company
  • Fox Company

For more detailed service information about the unit and the personnel who served in the 3rd Assault Amphibian Battalion in specific wars/conflicts, see:

For more information on the 3rd Assault Amphibian Battalion See:

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