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Forty-Second Division

The 42nd Infantry Divison was assigned to:

World War I Composition

Camp Mills, Long Island October 12, 1917
Company Muster List

Major-General William A. Mann, Commanding
Colonel Douglas MacArthur, Chief of Staff

  • Headquarters Division
    • Headquarters Troop (2nd Louisiana Cavalry)
    • Headquarters Military Police (Virginia C. A. C.)
    • 117th Field Signal Battalion (Missouri)
    • 117th Ammunition Train (Kansas)
    • 117th Supply Train (Texas)
    • 149th Machine Gun Battalion (4th Pennsylvania)
  • Ordnance Detachment
    • 117th Engineer Regiment (So. Carolina and California)
    • 117th Engineer Train (North Carolina)
  • 67th Artillery Brigade
    • 149th Regiment Field Artillery (1st Illinois)
    • 150th Regiment Field Artillery — Heavy (1st Indiana)
    • 151st Regiment Field Artillery (1st Minnesota)
    • 117th Trench Mortar Battery (3rd & 4th Co.'s, Maryland C.A.C.)
  • 84th Infantry Brigade
    • 167th Regiment Infantry (4th Alabama)
    • 168th Regiment Infantry (3rd Iowa)
    • 151st Machine Gun Battalion (Co.'s B, C, and F, 2nd Georgia)
  • 117th Sanitary Train
    • Ambulance Section
      • 165th Ambulance Co. (1st New Jersey)
      • 166th Ambulance Co. (1st Tennessee)
      • 167th Ambulance Co. (1st Oklahoma)
      • 168th Ambulance Co. (1st Michigan)
    • Hospital Section
      • 165th Field Hospital Corps (1st Dist. of Columbia)
      • 166th Field Hospital Corps (1st Nebraska)
      • 167th Field Hospital Corps (1st Oregon)
      • 168th Field Hospital Corps (1st Colorado)

See Wikipedia:42nd Infantry Division


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