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On 1 Jan 1943, 430 Squadron was created as an army cooperation squadron in England during the Second World War. In Jun 1943, it was redesignated as 430 Fighter Reconnaissance Squadron. It took part in the training of Canadian and British aircrew, and in many ground attacks against the enemy. In 1944, the squadron participated in the preparations for the Normandy landing by undertaking photo reconnaissance, and by supporting the 2nd British Army on D-Day. From 1943 to 1945, the squadron flew P-40 Tomahawk, P-51 Mustang I and Spitfire XIV aircraft. The squadron was disbanded in Lüneburg, Germany, at the end of the war, on 7 Aug 1945. On 1 Jan 2018, 430 Tactical Helicopter Squadron celebrated its 75th anniversary.

See:Captain Christian Déry. 18 Jan 2018. "430 Squadron celebrates 75 years". Royal Canadian Air Force.

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