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This category contains profiles of persons who served with the 47th (Frontenac) Battalion of Infantry

Originated in Kingston, Ontario on 14 September 1866, when the 47th "Frontenac" Battalion of Infantry was authorized to be formed. The 47th "Frontenac" Battalion of Infantry mobilized one company for active service on 10 April 1885. The company served with the 'Midland Battalion' in the Alberta Column of the North West Field Force. The company was removed from active service on 24 July 1885.

It was redesignated: '47th Frontenac Regiment' on 8 May 1900; and 'The Frontenac Regiment' on 12 March 1920. On 15 December 1936, it was converted to artillery and redesignated the '47th (Napanee) Field Battery, RCA'. It was redesignated: '47th (Napanee) Field Battery (Howitzer), RCA' on 1 December 1937; '47th (Reserve) (Napanee) Field Battery (Howitzer), RCA' on 7 November 1940; '47th Reserve (Napanee) Field Battery, RCA' on 24 June 1942; and '47th Anti-Tank Battery (Self-Propelled), RCA' on 1 April 1946. On 1 September 1954, it was amalgamated with the '22nd Medium Battery, RCA'


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08 Feb 1890 - 26 Aug 1917
13 Sep 1841 Kingston, Upper Canada - 13 Dec 1899 photo

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