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This category contains profiles of persons who served with the 5th Princess Louise Dragoon Guards

Formed in Ottawa as an independent cavalry troop in 1872, the unit came under the patronage of Princess Louise during her time there as vice-regal consort, and the troop was expanded to an independent squadron named the Princess Louise Dragoon Guards. During the Second Boer War, volunteers from the squadron fought with the Imperial forces in South Africa. The squadron was again expanded into a regiment in 1903 as the 5th Princess Louise Dragoon Guards.


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12 Aug 1871 Ottawa, Carleton, Ontario, Canada - 01 Jan 1954 photo
02 Feb 1878 Ottawa, Carleton, Ontario, Canada - 18 Jun 1948 photo
12 Dec 1877 Nepean, Carleton, Ontario, Canada - 09 Jan 1947 photo
23 Jun 1887 Ottawa, Carleton, Ontario, Canada - 21 Oct 1946
18 Sep 1877 Saint John, St. John, New Brunswick, Canada - 08 Jan 1959
23 Jul 1889 Ottawa, Carleton, Ontario, Canada - 26 Oct 1917 photo
31 May 1885 Ottawa, Carleton, Ontario, Canada - 04 Aug 1974 photo
27 Apr 1878 Gloucester, Carleton, Ontario, Canada
23 Oct 1872 Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada - 1952 photo
20 Nov 1880 West Templeton, Quebec, Canada - 25 Apr 1956 photo

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