Category: 73rd Battalion (Royal Highlanders of Canada), Canadian Expeditionary Force, World War I

Categories: Canadian Expeditionary Force, World War I

73rd Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force, World War I also known as the Royal Highlanders of Canada

The 73rd Battalion (Royal Highlanders of Canada), CEF was an infantry battalion of the Canadian Expeditionary Force during the Great War. The 73rd Battalion (Royal Highlanders of Canada) organized in June 1915, initially commanded by Lieutenant-Colonel Peers Davidson, was placed on 'Active Service' as an 'Overseas Battalion, on 10 July 1915, as authorized in Militia General Orders.

The 73rd Battalion was mobilized in Montreal, with recruiting beginning on 3 September 1915, in Montreal and in parts of Eastern Ontario and Quebec.[3] After initial training in Valcartier and wintering in Montreal, it was deemed ready for overseas in spring 1916. The Battalion embarked at Halifax, NS on 31 March 1916, aboard RMS ADRIATIC, disembarking in Liverpool on 9 April 1916, with a strength of 36 officers and 1033 other ranks.

Facing initially an uncertain future, on 5 May 1916, it was advised of assignment to 12th Canadian Infantry Brigade. After extended training in England, and losing a replacement draft of 250 men to the 13th Bn, the Battalion arrived at Le Havre, France on 13 August 1916, on HMTS Copenhagen, becoming part of the new 4th Canadian Division.

The 73rd Battalion was awarded the following battle honours:

Canada: September 4, 1915 - April 1, 1916
England: April 9, 1916 - August 12, 1916
France: August 13, 1916 - April 19, 1917
- SOMME 1916.
- Ancre Heights.
- ANCRE 1916.
- ARRAS 1917.
- VIMY 1917.
- FLANDERS 1916-17
Disbanded April, 1917 and was replaced by the 85th Battalion. The men of the 73rd were reassigned to the 13th, the 42nd, and the 85th Infantry Battalions.

Perpetuated by The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) of Canada.


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