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The Eighth Century CE, i.e. 701 to 800

During this century, the Middle East, the coast of North Africa and the Iberian Peninsula rapidly come under Islamic Arab domination. The westward expansion of the Arab Empire was famously halted at the Siege of Constantinople by the Byzantine Empire and the Battle of Tours by the Franks. The tide of Arab conquest came to an end in the middle of the 8th century.[1] Late in the century the Vikings, seafaring peoples from Scandinavia, begin raiding the coasts of Europe and the Mediterranean, and go on to found several important kingdoms. (1)

Significant people

Abdul Malik bin Marwan, Caliph of Islamic Empire
Adrian I or Hadrian I, Pope from 772 to 795
Alcuin, English monk, deacon, scholar, and teacher; Charlemagne's advisor in educational affairs
Al-Walid ibn Abd Al-Malik, Caliph of Islamic Empire
Bede the Venerable, English monk and scholar
Charles Martel, Frankish leader until 741 (Battle of Tours, 732)
Charlemagne, King of the Franks from 771 to 814
Desiderius, last King of the Lombards from 756-774
Harun al-Rashid, fifth Abbasid Caliph
Irene of Athens, Byzantine Empress from 797 to 802
John of Damascus, Syrian Christian monk, scholar
Leo III, pope from 795 to 816
Liutprand, King of the Lombards from 712 to 744
Muhammad bin Qasim, Arab general who conquered Sindh and Punjab
Paolo Lucio Anafesto, first doge of Venice from 697 to 717
Paul the Deacon, Lombard scholar, historian, poet
Paulinus II of Aquileia, Carolingian scholar, poet, patriarch of Aquileia from 787 to 802
Pippin the Younger, king of the Franks until 768
Stephen II, Pope from 752 to 757, enlisted Frankish aid against the Lombards
Tervel, Khan of Bulgaria from 700 to 721
Theodulf of Orléans, Carolingian scholar, poet, bishop of Orleans from 798 to 818
Umar bin Abdul Aziz, Caliph of Islamic Empire

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