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Pre 1818
There were four line infantry regiments were raised and disbanded between 1761 and 1818 numbered 96th.

The first regiment was raised in c1760, for service in India, and disbanded in 1763.

A second regiment, the 96th (British Musketeers) Regiment, was raised in April 1780 under Colonel Richard Whyte and disbanded in 1784. It was stationed in Ireland and saw service in the Channel Islands after Spain declared War on Britain.

A third regiment, the 96th (The Queen's Royal Irish) Regiment was formed in 1793 and dispersed in 1798.

In 1798 a Regiment called "The Minorca Regiment" was recruited from German-speaking prisoners of war, formerly in Spanish service and took part in the Egyptian campaigns of the early 19th Century. In 1802, a new 96th Foot was formed from the 2nd Battalion 52nd Foot. In 1816 this regiment was renumbered the 95th Foot (thus replacing the existing 95th Foot which became styled the Rifle Brigade). By 1816 the regiment was renumbered the 96th (Queen's Own Germans) Regiment of Foot. The unit was disbanded in Ireland in 1818.

Post 1818
In 1824 the unit was reformed and was raised at Manchester, allowed to carry the Battle Honours of Peninsular, Egypt and the Sphinx, and was sent straight to Halifax, Nova Scotia. It then saw service in the West Indies. In 1836 it returned to Great Britain and was stationed in the south of England. Detachments of the unit were used to escort Convict to the Australian colonies. The unit deployed to Australia in 1841 and fought in the Maori Wars between 1844/47.

Following extensive service in India, in 1881, in accordance with the Childers Reforms, the regiment merged with the 63rd Regiment of Foot to form the 2nd Battalion, Manchester Regiment.

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- 18 Oct 1888


bef 22 Nov 1835 Hedgerley, Buckinghamshire, England - 05 Dec 1907
1820 Johnswell, County Kilkenny, Ireland - 16 Feb 1896


1794 Ireland - 24 Aug 1845


1821 Rochdale, Lancashire, England - 27 Jul 1910


abt 1833 Llanfair-ar-y-bryn, Carmarthenshire, Wales, United Kingdom


abt 1815 Bodmin, Cornwall, England - 12 Jan 1876 photo

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1819 - 06 May 1885


21 Aug 1796 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England - 13 Feb 1853 photo


1778 Ayrshire, Scotland - 18 Dec 1849


abt 1761 Kiffmon, County Mayo, Ireland


02 Jan 1853 Stepney, Middlesex, United Kingdom - abt 30 Sep 1906
16 Dec 1774 Cockairny, Fife, Scotland - 10 Oct 1848


Apr 1812 Chelsea, London, England, United Kingdom - 11 Jan 1871 photo


1821 - 31 May 1884


abt 1786 - 13 Mar 1862


Aug 1804 Gloucestershire, England - 15 Dec 1871
1752 Norton le Moors, Staffordshire, England - 1828


abt 1807 Badoney, Ormagh, Tyrone, Ireland - 27 Jul 1877 photo

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