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The Afghanistan Medal was awarded for the military actions involving the British Army and local Indian units in Afghanistan between 1878–1880. This was the Second Anglo-Afghan War, the first being from 1839–1842.

This medal was awarded to all who took part in the campaigns against Afghanistan known as the Second Afghan War. In 1877 the Amir refused to accept a British resident and the following year raised an army which began harassing the Indian frontier. A treaty with Russia, however, granting it protective rights in Afghanistan, precipitated an armed response from Britain. In 1880 General Roberts led a column from Kabul to Kandahar to relieve General Burrows and the resulting battle led to the defeat of the Afghans and the conclusion of the war. The soldiers who took part in this march were also awarded the Kabul to Kandahar Star. Medals awarded to the 66th Foot (Berkshire Regiment) and E Battery of B Brigade, Royal Artillery, rate a high premium as these units sustained the heaviest casualties as the battle of Maiwand in July 1880.

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06 Jun 1829 Surbiton, Surrey, England, United Kingdom - 04 Apr 1911
05 Dec 1857 Nile, Van Dieman's Land (Tasmania, Australia) - 22 Dec 1941 photo
02 Jul 1856 Saint Lucia - 24 Jun 1908
07 Jun 1837 Warwickhill, Ayrshire, Scotland, United Kingdom photo
07 Nov 1859 Bampton, Devon, England - 16 May 1918

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