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This is a high level category. Please do not add individual profiles. Add profiles to the narrowest category possible. See How to Categorize.

This page is a sub-category of the US Black Heritage Project and the Cemeterist Project. Its purpose is to categorize cemeteries that are primarily known as African-American cemeteries. For other cemeteries, please see the Cemeterist.

A cemetery category is created within a Person Profile. If you know what cemetery they were buried in, you will add that category to their profile above the Biography.

  • Name of Cemetery, City, State
example - [[Category: Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, New York]]

Once you save, if the link is green, the category already exists. If it is red, the category needs to be created. To create, just click on the red link. A blank category page will open up. Simply add the below listed categories at the top of the page and save. That is the minimum you need to do to create the cemetery category. Optionally, you can include some information, such as address, links, or interesting facts to the page.

Categories Needed:
  • City, State (substitute appropriate city, state combination)
Example - [[Category: Brooklyn, New York]]
  • County, State, Cemeteries
Example - [[Category: Kings County, New York, Cemeteries]]

When you use these categories (be careful of the punctuation, it is important) your cemetery will be properly categorized to appear under the city and state where located, in the Cemeteries Project (organized by county and state), and the African-American Project (organized by state or territory only). If you run into any trouble, just ask in G2G, it is where the African-American Project holds it's discussions.

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