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African-American History

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African-American history is a part of American history as relates to the African-American or Black American ethnic groups in the United States. Most African-Americans in the United states are descendant of African slaves brought to the North American continent between 1555 and 1865. Also, Blacks from the Caribbean have traditionally been included since they share a common history of predominantly West African or Central African roots. Unfortunately, there are few records prior to 1865 to aid in genealogical research.

Throughout American history, various names have been used to designate an African-American including colored and Negro. Neither term is currently acceptable and the term African-American or Black is mostly used. Person of color is also used, but this also refers to other non-white ethnic groups.

Historically, African-American history has been marginalized, but has gained wider scholarly attention since the late 20th century.

February is designated in the United States as Black History Month.


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