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Ancient History

Ancient History in WikiTree refers to the period from the beginning of the Common Era to the time of Charlemagne in Europe, and equivalent leaders and times elsewhere.

Many of the profiles in this period are legendary, and profiles of real persons most likely cannot be connected to the "one global family tree" that WikiTree seeks to create.

Major epochs of Ancient History are discussed in free space profiles and organized by categories.

Ancient Rome until the Fall of the Roman Empire

Category: Jewish History

Category: Egyptian History

Pre Norman Britain is categorized in the following hierarchy:

  1. Category: Pre-Norman Britain
    1. Category: Roman Britain
    2. Category: Anglo-Saxon Britain
    3. Category: Siluria
    4. Category: Iceni
    5. Category: Trinovantes
    6. Category: Catuvellauni
    7. Category: Dumnonia

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