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40,000 Horsemen (1940) | Forty Thousand Horsemen | Timeline

Forty Thousand Horsemen (aka 40,000 Horsemen) is a 1940 Australian war film directed by Charles Chauvel. The film tells the story of the Australian Light Horse (mounted riflemen on light walers as distinct from cavalry) which operated in the desert at the Sinai and Palestine Campaign during the First World War. It follows the adventures of three rowdy heroes in fighting and romance. The film culminates at the Battle of Beersheba which is reputedly "the last successful cavalry charge in history". The film was clearly a propaganda weapon, to aid in recruitment and lift the pride of Australians at home during the Second World War. It was one of the most successful Australian movies of its day.

Person Profiles (4)

07 Oct 1897 Mutdapilly, Queensland (Australia) - 11 Nov 1959 photo
16 Apr 1865 Tabulam, New South Wales (Australia) - 04 Mar 1945 photo
26 Mar 1909 Broken Hill, New South Wales, Australia - 27 May 1971
27 May 1868 Kilmore, Victoria (Australia) - 31 Oct 1917 photo

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