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Name: Anglican Deacons
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Anglican refers to the Church of England and member churches of the Anglican Communion globally. This category reflects historical events. All religious occupations in England prior to the 1534 Act of Supremacy and in Scotland prior to the 1560 Act were Catholic and should be categorized as such.

There are three basic levels of ordination in Anglicanism: bishop, priest and deacon. Categories have been created for each of these levels. All ordained ministers start out as deacons. Most move on to become priests in about a year. See Wikipedia: Anglican ministry. Only those who did not to progress to the priesthood should be categorized as deacons. They should be placed in categories for deacons of their member church of the communion.

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02 Jun 1697 Salem, Essex, Massachusetts Bay Colony - 1753
11 Oct 1798 Embden, Embden, Somerset, Massachusetts, United States - 23 Apr 1874

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