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This category is managed by the Arborists Project in association with the Categorization Project. For assistance with this or related categories ask in G2G making sure to tag your question with both categorization and Arborists.

This category is to be placed on profiles involved in bad merges while being corrected & to keep track. A bad merge is one where the profiles are obviously NOT the same person. This category is not intended to cover disagreements around the merge of two profiles or accidental merges that need correction.

We need your help to clean these up.

After doing whatever is needed to undo the damage, Project Protect the profiles if they meet the requirements. If you're not a WikiTree Leader, ask a Leader to so. Then remove the Bad Merge Category.

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15 Jan 1644 Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts Bay - 1727 photo
abt 1811 Ross County, Ohio, USA - 17 Jun 1895
abt 1670 Heiliges Römisches Reich - abt 1730
02 Apr 1767 Rivière-du-Loup en Haut, Province of Québec - 18 May 1802
12 Jul 1786 Yamachiche, Maskinongé, Province de Québec - 24 Jan 1832
12 Apr 1769 Rivière-du-Loup, Province de Québec - abt 21 May 1799
28 Dec 1663 Bullenbrooke, Talbot County, Province of Maryland - 1721 photo
12 Mar 1611 Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland - 02 May 1704
26 Jul 1972 - abt 22 Sep 1975
06 Dec 1870 Hjorthålan, Backaryd, Sweden

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