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Atlantic was launched in 1783. She made one voyage from England to Australia in 1791 carrying convicts. Later, she made one voyage for the East India Company (EIC). Subsequently she sailed to Smyrna, Surinam, and Gibraltar, before she disappeared from records in 1810.

Atlantic departed Portsmouth on 27 March 1791 as part of the third fleet, and arrived on 20 August 1791 in Port Jackson, New South Wales. She transported 220 male convicts, 18 of whom died during the voyage. The Naval Agent on board was Lieutenant Richard Bowen, and the surgeon was James Thompson.

Provisions in the colony were in short supply. Governor Phillip, therefore, took the Atlantic into the service as a naval transport. She left Port Jackson on 26 October 1791, bound for Bengal.

Atlantic returned to Port Jackson from Calcutta on 20 June 1792. She then made a return voyage to Norfolk Island, arriving back in Port Jackson on 30 Sep 1792. On 11 December 1792 she departed Port Jackson for England. She was carrying the retiring governor Arthur Phillip, accompanied by the Aboriginal Australians Bennelong and his friend Yemmerrawanne. Also on board were the last of the First Fleet New South Wales Marine Corps detachment, including diarist John Easty. Wikipedia

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