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This is a Category page of the One Name Study into the Family Tree of Laity, Layty, Laytye and any other Variants, The hope is that other researchers like you will join our study to help make it a valuable reference point for people studying lines that cross or intersect. Please contact the project leader, Geoff Rice, add categories to your profiles, and add your questions to our One Name Study page.

Australasia, Regions of Oceania. New Zealand is considered as part both of Australasia and of Polynesia. Varying amounts of Melanesia (traditionally all of it) also count as part of Australasia. Australasia, a region of Oceania, comprises Australia, New Zealand, neighbouring islands in the Pacific Ocean and, sometimes,. . . . See Wikipedia

We have a very large amount of information gathered over 30 years that needs to be on here.

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