Category: Australia, Jacka Name Study

Categories: Jacka Name Study

This category is part of the Jacka Name Study and gathers together the Jacka individuals who have spent at least part of their lives in Australia as identified in the below subcategories.

More subcategories/groupings will be included as required.

To add a Jacka person to any of the categories below, click on the links below and follow the instructions.

Please note this is an umbrella category for the list of these categories/grouping to help facilitate further research, and as such there should be no individual profiles listed below. Individuals that are part of this study will need to have the [[Category:Jacka Name Study]] listed on their profile, and then if more information is known, to the various categories below.

Please visit the Jacka Name Study Homepage for more information or post a comment or have any questions, just ask. Thanks!

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