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This category has been set up for use with the FTDNA Australian Settlers Project.

The purpose of this category is twofold:-

1. To capture the names of project members and links to their genealogy and DNA test information. Project members are encouraged to add all relevant information of DNA tests undertaken to the appropriate 'testers' profiles as per the Wikitree DNA project guidelines which can be accessed here.

2. To capture details of the settler ancestors of DNA testers, by ship. For example, if the Family Finder test has been taken, please add ALL settler ancestors of the DNA test taker. If however, only ydna or mtdna tests have been undertaken please add the settler ancestor on either the respective DIRECT male line of the tester (fathers fathers fathers etc) or DIRECT female line of the tester (mothers mothers mother etc).

NOTE : If your ancestor was a convict, please DO NOT add their details here, please use the Wikitree Australian Convicts project page.


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  • William Winter abt 1828 Haddenham, Buckinghamshire, England - 14 Nov 1915

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