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Bartlett Name Study Profiles with Missing or Conflicting Data

Profiles that are part of the Bartlett Name Study and have been identified as having data issues such as:
  • missing maiden name or other key identifying information
  • conflicting data from different sources
  • other issues that must be resolved, often with G2G discussion

are listed below:

Task Instructions:
  1. Select a profile to work on
  2. Identify sources for key information about the person being profiled and the events in which they are involved in
  3. Add sources to the profile and if a narrative biography exists, create citations
  4. If researching, the disputed or conflicting information cannot be solved, lead a G2G discussion to achieve consensus on how to proceed
  5. Once the missing information has been identified or the conflicting/disputed information has been resolved, document the consensus on the profile and if needed seek Project Protection if appropriate
  6. Remove the [[Category: BNS Data Issue]] from the top of the biography section on the selected profile

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