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The Township of Barton on Lake Ontario was named after the town of Barton upon Humber in Lincolnshire, England.

In 1788 through 1793, the townships at the Head of the Lake were surveyed and named. This included all the townships of what became Wentworth, Haldimand and Halton Counties. Augustus Jones surveyed Barton Township in 1791. The township became part of Wentworth County in 1816. Administratively, the whole area was part of the Nassau District, which was renamed the Home District in 1792. George Hamilton, a settler and local politician, established a town site (Hamilton) in the northern portion of Barton Township in 1815. The township was eventually absorbed into the city of Hamilton.

For events after 1841, see Barton Township, Canada West.


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  • Andrew Gage 7 Oct 1824 Barton, Wentworth, Upper Canada - 22 Aug 1893
  • Daniel Gage 21 Aug 1821 Barton, Wentworth, Upper Canada - 5 Sep 1855
  • John Kerr Gage 24 May 1819 Barton, Wentworth, Upper Canada - 14 Sep 1900




  • Jacob Neff 2 Oct 1805 Barton, Wentworth, Upper Canada - 13 Sep 1883



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