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The Battle of Alford was an engagement of the Wars of the Three Kingdoms, which took place near the village of Alford, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, on 2 July 1645.

The two armies were roughly equal in size at about 2,000 foot, although Baillie had 5-600 horse compared with Montrose's 250-300, giving him a slight advantage. However, this advantage was negated by the effect of the presence of representatives of the Committee of Estates on his chain of command. This committee was the ruling body of the Covenanters, comprising the Earl of Argyll, the Earls of Crawford and Tullibardine, the Lords of Elcho, Burleigh, and Balcarres (who had all been involved in recent defeats by Montrose), together with a number of Calvinist clergy. It had the power to overrule Bailie's orders.

Covenant losses were about 1,500 of their 2,000 infantry, although much of their cavalry, along with Baillie, Balcarres and the Committee escaped. The Royalists lost several hundred men, including Lord Gordon. Nevertheless, the battle of Alford was one of the few bright moments for the Royalist cause in the aftermath of Naseby, only two weeks earlier.

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abt 06 Jul 1618 Balcarres, Fife, Scotland - 30 Aug 1659
abt 1603 Benbecula, Inverness-shire, Scotland - aft 02 Jul 1645
Treshnish Isles, Argyllshire, Scotland - 1651

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