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Battle of Carberry Hill

The Battle of Carberry Hill took place on the 15 June 1567, near Musselburgh, East Lothian, a few miles east of Edinburgh, Scotland.

A number of Scottish lords objected to the rule Mary, Queen of Scots after she had married the Earl of Bothwell, who was widely believed to have murdered her previous husband Lord Darnley. The Lords were intent to avenge Darnley's death.

However, Bothwell escaped from the stand-off at Carberry while Queen Mary surrendered. Mary abdicated, escaped from prison, and was defeated at the battle of Langside. She went to exile in England while her supporters continued a civil war in Scotland. [More...]

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abt 1511 Langton, Berwickshire, Scotland - 04 Mar 1578
1507 Drumlanrig, Dumfries, Scotland - 27 Dec 1578 photo
abt 1541 Drumlanrig Castle, Dumfriesshire, Scotland - 1572
abt 1530 Scotland - abt 06 Sep 1572 photo
abt Dec 1540 Carlisle, Cumberland, England - 25 Apr 1579 photo
bef 17 Jul 1501 Eliotstoun, Renfrewshire, Scotland - bef 17 Jan 1576 photo
1531 Tranent, East Lothian, Scotland - 08 Jan 1586 photo

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