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The Battle of Harlaw, Aberdeenshire was a feudal dispute over the Earldom of Ross between the Clan MacDonald and the Earl of Mar it is considered to be one of the bloodiest battles that took place during the Middle-ages. The battle took place July 24 1411.

Domhall MacDonald, Lord of the Isles, was the Commander advancing on Aberdeen in defense of his control of Ross. He was opposing Alexander Stewart, The Earl of Mar, being sent by his Uncle, the governor Duke of Albany to stop the Lord of the Isles.

This conflict resulted in stopping the advance of Clan MacDonald and allowed the Duke of Albany to seize the Earldom of Ross. Thus controlling the threat to the Stewart control of Scotland. With this defeat, the Lord of the Isles, Domhall Macdonald, was forced to relinquish his claim by way of the Treat of Lochgilphead in 1412. This left the Duke of Albany in control of Scotland.

Numbers: Highland: 10,000 according to the ballads but probably far less. Lowland: several thousand including significant numbers of armoured knights. Losses: The ballads claim 900 Highland and 600 Lowland losses.

For further information please refer to the UK Battlefield Resource Centre [[1]]

If you desire a more colorful description of the battle and more actual numbers and strategy refer to: Battle of Harlaw

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1385 Saltoun, East Lothian, Scotland - 24 Jul 1411


1380 Inverness-Shire, Scotland - 1460


abt 1350 Balquhain, Inverurie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland - 22 Jan 1420 photo


Ardnamurchan, Argyll, Scotland - 24 Jul 1411
abt 1365 Islay, Inner Hebrides, Scotland - abt 1440
1378 Moidart, Inverness-shire, Scotland - 1419
bef 1386 Scotland - 1420

M cont.

1359 Islay, Argyll, Scotland - 1423
bef 1387 - 1426
abt 1371 Kingdom of the Isles, Scotland - 1427
bef 1380 Duart, Isle of Mull, Argyll, Scotland - aft 1403
abt 1390 Dunvegan Castle, Skye, Scotland - abt 1442 photo
1332 Lewis, Western Isles, Scotland - abt 1425
abt 1370 Scotland - abt 1440 photo


- 24 Jul 1411


Jan 1382 Aberdeenshire, Scotland - abt 1440
abt 1370 Scotland - 1411
1370 Lochindorb castle, Badenoch, Scotland - 25 Jul 1435
abt 1378 Lochindorb Castle, Badenoch, Scotland - 26 Mar 1456


abt 1370 Aberdeenshire, Scotland - 24 Jul 1411 photo

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