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Battle of Monmouth

Date: June 28, 1778
Location: Monmouth County, New Jersey.


Washington Rallying the Troops at Monmouth

The Continental Army under Gen. Washington attacked the rear of the British Army column commanded by Lieutenant General Sir Henry Clinton as they left Monmouth Court House (modern Freehold Borough). It is sometimes known as the Battle of Monmouth Courthouse.

Unsteady handling of lead Continental elements by Major General Charles Lee had allowed British rearguard commander Lieutenant General Charles Cornwallis to seize the initiative but Washington's timely arrival on the battlefield rallied the Americans along a hilltop hedgerow. Sensing the opportunity to smash the Continentals, Cornwallis pressed his attack and captured the hedgerow in stifling heat. Washington consolidated his troops in a new line on heights behind marshy ground, used his artillery to fix the British in their positions, then brought up a four gun battery under Major General Nathanael Greene on nearby Combs Hill to enfilade the British line, requiring Cornwallis to withdraw. Finally, Washington tried to hit the exhausted British rear guard on both flanks, but darkness forced the end of the engagement. Both armies held the field, but the British commanding General Clinton withdrew undetected at midnight to resume his army's march to New York City.

While Cornwallis protected the main British column from any further American attack, Washington had fought his opponent to a standstill after a pitched and prolonged engagement; the first time that Washington's army had achieved such a result. The battle demonstrated the growing effectiveness of the Continental Army after its six month encampment at Valley Forge, where constant drilling under officers such as Major General Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben and Major General Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette greatly improved army discipline and morale. The battle improved the military reputations of Washington, Lafayette and Anthony Wayne but ended the career of Charles Lee, who would face court martial at Englishtown for his failures on the day. According to some accounts, an American soldier's wife, Mary Hays, brought water to thirsty soldiers in the June heat, and became one of several women associated with the legend of Molly Pitcher. (1)



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  • Darius Adams 11 Feb 1761 Preston City, New London, Connecticut, United States - 11 Jul 1778


  • John Bailey abt 30 Oct 1730 Hanover, Plymouth, Massachusetts Bay - abt 27 Oct 1810
  • Richard Bailey abt 1735 Ireland - abt 18 Nov 1811
  • John Barnes abt 1 Jul 1741 Kennett Square, Chester, Pennsylvania, United States - abt Feb 1822
  • John Bebout 20 Jan 1752 Somerville, Somerset, New Jersey - 8 Mar 1836
  • Daniel Bowly Jr. 6 Jun 1745 Anne Arundell, Prince Georges, Maryland - 12 Nov 1807
  • Phillip Casper Bowman 25 Oct 1755 North Atlantic Ocean, sailing for, United States - 17 Jan 1845
  • William Brandon abt 23 May 1746 Pennsylvania, Somerset, Pennsylvania, United States - abt 10 Mar 1818
  • Reuben Buckingham Sr. 29 Aug 1745 Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut Colony - 4 Feb 1828
  • Joseph Burch II abt 1758 Maryland - 3 Mar 1818


  • Isaac Carter abt 1764 Cumberland, Cumberland, North Carolina, - 24 Mar 1834
  • Isaac Chapin 10 Nov 1756 Heath, Franklin, Massachusetts Bay - 26 Mar 1835
  • Caleb Clark 4 Apr 1757 Newmarket Rockingham County New Hampshire - 17 May 1837
  • William Clark 1735 Delaware - 1783
  • Edmund Walker Clement 18 Sep 1759 Raleigh Parish, Amelia County, Virginia - 17 Jul 1845
  • Eyre Coote before 20 May 1759 Ireland - 10 Dec 1823
  • James Cox 16 Oct 1753 Monmouth, New Jersey - 12 Sep 1810


  • John Davis abt 22 Oct 1759 Shirley, Middlesex, Massachusetts - 8 Feb 1827

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  • Henry LeBosquet 21 Feb 1763 Charlestown,Suffolk, Providence of Massachusetts Colony - abt 1813
  • John LeBosquet 20 Dec 1737 Charlestown, Suffolk, Providence of Massachusetts Colony - 8 Feb 1803
  • John LeBosquet Jr. 15 Oct 1761 Charlestown, Suffolk, Providence of Massachusetts Colony - 31 Jan 1844
  • William Logan (Sr.) before 14 Jul 1749 Kerr Creek, Augusta County, Virginia - 17 Jul 1796
  • Mary (Ludwig) McCauley 13 Oct 1744 Trenton, New Jersey - 22 Jan 1832


  • James McNair 16 Nov 1746 Campbeltown, Argyll, Scotland - 18 Jun 1778

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  • Edmund Munroe 2 Feb 1736 Lexington, Middlesex, Massachusetts - 28 Jun 1778
  • George Munroe 10 May 1733 Lexington, Middlesex, Massachusetts Bay Province - 28 Jun 1778








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