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Battle of Otterburn

Date: 05 or 19 Aug 1388
Location: 1 mile NW of Otterburn, NBL
Victor: Scots


One of the ongoing border skirmishes between the Scots and the English, this battle happened during August of 1388. Scot sources date the event on the 5th, while English sources say it's the 19th. Jean Froissart's Chronicles, remains its best record, since he claims to interview veterans on both sides. But some details are incorrect, giving cause for concern. For example, Froissart's gives an inaccurate distance between Newcastle upon Tyne and Otterburn.


Scot noble, James, 2nd Earl of Douglas, decided to lead one of the raids into English territory. This was timed to take advantage of divisions on the English side between Lord Neville and Henry Percy, 1st Earl of Northumberland, who had just taken over border defense.



Froissart, J. (1910). "The Battle of Otterburn." The Chronicles of Froissart. John Bourchier, Lord Berners, translator. Harvard Classics. NY: P. F. Collier & Son Company.

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abt 1340 Saltoun, Haddingtonshire,Scotland - abt 1388
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08 Dec 1351 Callerton, Northumberland, England - abt 01 Nov 1409
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1356 Darnley Castle, Renfrewshire, Scotland - 14 Sep 1402
abt 1348 Seton, Haddingtonshire, Scotland - abt 1409 photo

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