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The battle, a Clan battle, was fought was fought about 3 miles (4.8 km) south west of Wick. It was a dispute between the Keiths and the Gunns. The Keiths being supported by their relatives, Clan Mackay and the Assint MacLeods, advanced into Gunn territory, in Caithness, with the forces meeting on Tannach Moor.

The Gunns, overwhelmed by numbers, were defeated, but not without great slaughter on both sides. Soon thereafter Gunn and some of his sons were massacred by the Keiths in the chapel of St. Tyer, also near Wick.

Angus Mackay, in his Book of Mackays, puts the battle during the time of Angus Roy Mackay as Chief, 1460-1486, suggesting it likely to be around 1464

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  • Angus Mackay. The book of Mackay. Vol. I. Edinburgh: Norman Macleod, 1906. Open Library

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abt 1440 Sutherland, Scotland - 1486

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