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Battle of Tuiteam Tarbhach (1406)

The Battle of Tuiteam Tarbhach (also known as Tuttim–Tarwach, Tuttim–Turwigh, Tuttim–Tarwigh or Tutim Tarvach), Gael: Day of Great Slaughter, was a Scottish clan battle in which the Mackays, led by Angus Du Mackay, wiped out raiders from the Clan MacLeod of Lewis, led by Malcolm MacLeod, son of Torquil MacLeod of Lews and Assynt, who were returning from an attack on Mackay land in Strathnaver.

The Mackays caught up with the raiders on the north bank of the River Oykel some three miles west of where the river joins the River Cassley at the head of the Kyle of Sutherland. The battle probably took place in 1406, but the date is uncertain from the manuscripts, although it was +/- two years, certainly after 1403 and before 1408.

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abt 1380 Strathnavar, Sutherland, Scotland - 1433
abt 1355 Assynt, Sutherland, Scotland - 1406

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