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This One-Name Study page was developed to attempt to bring together the researchers for the Bechmann line who originated in Germany or elsewhere prior to arriving in the Americas in the 19th century. The hope is that other researchers like you will join our study to help make it a valuable reference point for people studying lines that cross or intersect. Please contact the project leader, add categories to your profiles, add your questions to the bulletin board, add details of your name research, etc.

One of these Bechmann lines goes back to the town of Rotenfels [now part of Gaggenau], Rastatt District, the Margraviate of Baden in the 18th century. Friederich Wilhelm Bechmann appears in the town records at least as early as 1710, and is the patriarch of the Bechmann descendants in the town. Given that this is the only Bechmann line identified in Rotenfels, there is some suspicion that the Bechmann family migrated to Rotenfels soon after the Hundred Years' War to take over land and duties in a town that had been devastated by the war. While many migrated at this time from Switzerland to SW Germany upon the invitation of the Margrave, we find a much greater concentration of Bechmanns today in the state of Thuringia - which suggests that Friederich Wilhelm and his family may have originated from there. In any case, the Rotenfels Bechmanns had all migrated to the Americas by 1850, leaving no males in the original town.

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