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Research notes for Sharon

Use these existing 'To Do' categories :-

[[Category:Bell-17687 Satisfactory]]
[[Category:Bell-17687 Need biography]]
[[Category:Bell-17687 Need firsthand knowledge]]
[[Category:Bell-17687 Need portrait ]]
[[Category:Bell-17687 Need Photo Upload]]
[[Category:Bell-17687 Need Birth info]]
[[Category:Bell-17687 Need Marriage info]]
[[Category:Bell-17687 Need Death info]]
[[Category:Bell-17687 Need Burial info]]
[[Category:Bell-17687 Need Child added]]
[[Category:Bell-17687 Need Spouse added]]
[[Category:Bell-17687 Need Parent added]]
[[Category:Bell-17687 Need Trove Search]]
[[Category:Bell-17687 Need Electoral Roll Search]]
or create a new one [[Category:Bell-17687

Save sourced profiles into various categories for future easy reference:

  • Name name of Hospital/School/Cemetery where buried/etc - ie. [[Category: Cemetery Name, Town, State]]

The category page for that new Hospital/School/Cemetery/etc should then be listed under the categories:-

[[Category: New South Wales Cemeteries]] see existing [[Category: Australian Cemeteries]]

For that matter any towns where the person was born, married, lived or died can have a category tag added to the profile- ie.

[[Category: Town, State]] see existing [[Category: New South Wales]]

Also Copy this to new category description * Use the category tag [[Category: fillinHere ]]

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