Category: Bell-17687 Need Death info

Categories: Bell-17687

These profiles may be missing details or source information of the death.

Research Suggestion:-

  • search Trove for death or funeral notices or obituaries or in memoriams
  • Search FamilySearch for death details
  • Search local state death record indexes
  • Searching local state Death record indexes with parent name may give results that show child with misspelt name
  • Search local cemeteries for burial records that may show death details
  • Search Electoral rolls that may give an indication of death by when they no longer appear on roll (

Person Profiles (8)

abt 26 Jun 1837 Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia - abt 20 May 1924
abt 1900 Rylstone, New South Wales, Australia - 31 Aug 1957
1900 West Maitland, New South Wales, Australia - 1952
1908 Stockton, New South Wales, Australia
1894 Lambton, New South Wales, Australia
abt 1829 Lancashire, England - 10 Jan 1909
abt 1897 Stockton, New South Wales, Australia - abt 1955

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