Category: Bell-17687 Satisfactory

Categories: Bell-17687

Look a profile is never perfect but these profiles have a well rounded representation of facts and have a low priority for improvement.

Action Required:- A sense of Enjoyment and a feeling of accomplishment from a Profile that does alright!!

Research Suggestion:-

  • Get up from the computer and have a big stretch
  • Get outside and throw a ball for the pooch
  • go for a walk with the spouse
  • Call up Mum and say G'day
  • Do a good deed for someone less able
  • spend some time with the kids.
  • Reward yourself

Person Profiles (3)

Living Cassell photo
abt 1868 Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia - 09 Jul 1934 photo
abt 1873 Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia - 26 Sep 1963 photo

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