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Bernicia (Old English: Bernice, Beornice; Latin: Bernicia) was an Anglo-Saxon kingdom established by Anglian settlers of the 6th century in what is now southeastern Scotland and North East England.

The Anglian territory of Bernicia was approximately equivalent to the modern English counties of Northumberland and Durham, and the former Scottish counties of Berwickshire and East Lothian, stretching from the Forth to the Tees. In the early 7th century, it merged with its southern neighbour, Deira, to form the Northumbria and its borders subsequently expanded considerably.

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Kings of Bernicia

  • Ida son of Eoppa (547–559)
  • Glappa son of Ida (559–560)
  • Adda son of Ida (560–568)
  • Æthelric son of Ida (568–572)
  • Theodric son of Ida (572–579)
  • Frithuwald (579–585)
  • Hussa (585–593)
  • Æthelfrith (593–616)
Under Deiran rule 616–633)
  • Eanfrith of Bernicia son of Æthelfrith (633–634)
Under Oswald son of Æthelfrith, Bernicia was united with Deira to form Northumbria from 634 onward.

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