Category: Beunis-2 Stage-6

Categories: Beunis-2

This is a personal category of Filip Beunis. Please do not edit or delete this category, and do not add or remove profiles.

The profiles in this category

  • contain a basic biography section.
  • contain a source for a birth and/or baptism record, marriage records for all the spouses, and a death and/or burial record, or a research note explaining their absence.
  • have all their fields filled in correctly, and have all their status indicators set correctly.
  • have connected profiles for their parents, if known.
  • have connected profiles for all known spouses, if any.
  • have connected profiles for the children (if any) with one of the spouses.

Next steps on the to-do list of Filip Beunis for profiles in this category:

  • perform a thorough search for children with the other spouses.
  • add a profile for the children that are found, make sure some source is added, and categorize them as stage 0.

Once these tasks have been completed, the profile can be moved to stage 7.

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