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Eugene, if the category takes the name First Peoples, then perhaps we can link to that category in the customary manner, but rather than using the “official page name” append the pipe symbol and add the name First Nations People: |First Nations People

Space:Metis First Nations People

In like manner we can link to Jim Spence's Metis space page using the French name after a pipe symbol: |Métis

Governor de Courcelles in his 1671 account of his attempted voyage to Lake Ontario, declares the River Saint Lawrence is navigable to Quebec for vessels of 500 tons. From Quebec to Montreal vessels cannot be taken up of more than 150 tons; but above Montreal no person ever attempted to take more than a flat bateau, on account of the Sault Saint Louis, which at that point entirely bars the river.

Source: John Romeyn Brodhead, Documents relating to the Colonial History of the State of New York, Vol. IX, Weed Parsons and Company, 1855, page 77. (English transcription from copies of originals in the Archives of the Department of the Marine and the Colonies; in the Archives of the Department of War, and in the Royal Library at Paris.)

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