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  •  1891 Census of Canada, Grey County, Ontario, Schedule No. 1 Population, Euphrasia Twp., pp. 13, ED 67, Sub C, Div. 1, family 54 (amended), line 11, Ezra Isaac Fawcett; [digital image], Library and Archives Canada, ( : accessed 23 December 2013). [enumerated 10 April 1891 by Thomas Abercrombie.]
  •  1901 Census of Canada, Grey County, Ontario, Schedule No. 1 Return of the Living, Euphrasia Twp., pp. 2, ED 64, Sub C, Div. 4, household 22, family 22, line 43, Ezra Isaac Fawcett; [digital image], Library and Archives Canada, ( : accessed 23 December 2013). [enumerated by William Stuart. Date of Birth is given as 7 Jan 1883, age 18 and he listed as being a student.]
  •  1901 Census of Canada, Grey County, Ontario, Schedule No. 2 buildings and Lands, Churches and Schools, Euphrasia Twp., pp. 1, ED 64, Sub C, Div. 4, line 22, Fawcett Home; [digital image], Library and Archives Canada, ( : accessed 23 December 2013). [enumerated 8 April 1901 by William Stuart. The Fawcett home was located at Concession 5 Lot 3, described as a 6 room wooden dwelling with 2 outbuildings set on 50 acres.]

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  1. Ref: West Wawanosh Township Historians, p. 100

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West Wawanosh Township Historians, comps. Reflections of West Wawanosh. Toronto:Natural Heritage, 1996. [Print].

Jean Talon 1665–1668 Louis XIV
Claude de Boutroue d'Aubigny 1668–1670
Jean Talon 1669–1672
Jacques Duchesneau de la Doussinière et d'Ambault 1675–1682
Jacques de Meulles 1682–1686
Jean Bochart de Champigny, sieur de Noroy de Verneuil 1686–1702
François de Beauharnois de la Chaussaye, Baron de Beauville 1702–1705
Jacques Raudot co-intendant 1705–1711
Antoine-Denis Raudot co-intendant 1705–1710
Michel Bégon 1712–1726 Louis_XV
Claude-Thomas Dupuy 1726–1728
Gilles Hocquart 1729–1748
François Bigot 1748–1760

Jean Talon 1665–1668 Louis XIV
Claude de Boutroue d'Aubigny 1668–1670 Louis XIV
Jean Talon 1669–1672 Louis XIV
Jean Bochart de Champigny, sieur de Noroy de Verneuil

Fille de Roi Born Age Marriage Husband
Brunet, Françoise c1635 1663 28 1663 Sureau, Théodore
Gargottin, Louise c1637 1663 26 Perron dit Suire, Daniel
Paulo, Catherine c1645 1663 18 Campeau, Étienne
Peuvrier, Marguerite c1640 1663 23 Meneux dit Châteauneuf, Jacques
Pillat, Catherine c1650 1663 13 Charon dit Ducharme, Pierre

Fille du Roi
Françoise Brunet* 1663 28 Martin Durand
Louise Gargottin 1663 26 Daniel Perron dit Suire
Catherine Paulo 1663 18 Étienne Campeau
Marguerite Peuvrier 1663 23 Jacques Meneux dit Châteauneuf
Catherine Pillat 1663 13 Pierre Charon dit Ducharme
Marie Valade 1663 16 Jean-Baptiste Cadieux
Marie Boileau 1665 16 Jean Jolin
Anne Couture 1665 24 Jean Moreau dit Lagrange
Marie Debure 1665 21 Jean Bernard dit Hinse
Françoise Pilois 1665 26 Antoine Cassé dit Lacasse

Column A Column B
Bananas $1.20
Apples $1.20
Grapefruit $2.00
Strawberries $0.50

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Daniel was born in South Hadley Hampshire County Massachusetts on August 22, 1798.[4]

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He was the son of Seth Montague and Rachel Smith. children, Rebecca, Seth Newell and Luman, only one of whom survived to adulthood, this was Rebecca Montague, who married Captain William Carroll Twitty in 1842 and died April 18, 1849.

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Daniel married his 2nd wife, Sarah Margaret Griffing nee Ross in Ouachita Parish, Monroe Louisiana on May 11, 1833[5]

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